Will A Huge Asteroid Hit Earth in April 2020? | NASA | 29 April 2020

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Will A Huge Asteroid Hit Earth in April 2020? | NASA | 29 April 2020

NASA warned that Asteroid 52768 (1998 OR2) could hit Earth on 29 April 2020 and cause catastrophic danger. The asteroid will be approaching Earth and are expected to fly really close to our planet.
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47 thoughts on “Will A Huge Asteroid Hit Earth in April 2020? | NASA | 29 April 2020”

  1. I was getting ready to post this on facebook. But I’m a type of person who doesn’t like to be wrong especially about a serious thing like this. And I hate fake news making someone believe is something that’s false is the devils work. So here’s my truth I am going to post this video unless a smart person who knows what’s really going to happen about all these conspiracys. I’m talking about this video the coronavirus the ice caps melting the Illuminati 2pacs death Bruce Lee’s death and more. Like will Jesus probably return in 40 years. With all these countries having nuclear power something bound to happen. No matter what anyone says or does these people want to use these nukes so even without truth then people know something up. And the democratic and republican parties are both to blame rather anyone likes it or not we need more truth cause I don’t trust no-one and there lying. So it’s up to you tell the people the gods honest truth or you’ll regret it that’s a promise from god

  2. This thing is coming between Earth & moon add the "Atlas comet"/ blue Cachina plus the 3rd Anomaly above us this rite moment that came out in ["stero A" on 3/9/2020.] I’ve put it up also great stuff keep up your great work.Juan bx,n.y.

  3. Times Face in Energy

    No there is order in the universe the signature of orders 3 an awareness in three a mind sets the captives free

  4. I don’t want to see anyone disappointed. The Lord is coming. These are the End Days. The signs are everywhere. We are the final generation. If you’re willing, seek Jesus Christ. I’ve seen Him and He’s real. He is coming.

    The Lord loves and cares for everyone, but sin separates us from Him. We must be holy for He is Holy. Without holiness no man can see God. If you’re willing, repent and seek Him where you stand. God is omnipresent. You don’t need to be at church. God died for you and not religion.

    The Lord will speak to you at His time. He sounds like a Mighty Lion surrounded by many waterfalls. Once He speaks, obey Him until the end, and stay loyal to Him even unto death, your reward will be with Him in heaven.

    Everything written in the book of revelation will be fulfilled. We are the last generation. Now is the time to repent and prepare for the return of the King.

  5. Haggis McBaggis

    Eventually the sun will run out of fuel and become a brown dwarf as it dies. Prior to that, in five billion years from now it will become a red giant and probably engulf the Earth. However, in only 1 billion years the expansion of the sun will be enough to cause a runaway greenhouse effect similar to Venus and wipe out all life. Support astronomy. Support the mission to Mars and beyond.

  6. Guys, fake stuff like this has been said a lot on random dates? Has it ever happened no. I remember when they said February the 1st the earth will end. Like did the earth end? Are we dead? They are trying to get that views to show off.

  7. If it does it will not be this. It will be a Nuke strike that they will say an asteroid. NASA lies. DS lies.

  8. My idea is to drill into the middle and plant a tsar bomba. If it breaks into millions of pieces, the surface area is dramatically increased, allowing for more air friction, it will burn up easier

  9. Bonginkosi Msibi

    A couple years ago here in South Africa we saw something entering our skies at around 7 pm. It was like a huge ball of fire and none of this NASA monitoring agencies said anything about it including our news channels said nothing about whilst we saw it. If the asteroid is going to hit earth none of the government agencies will tell any of us about it fearing for the panic it will cause.

  10. 2019: Worst year ev-
    2020: shut up im the wrost year deal with it
    2021: *Hold my furrys that are gonna take over the world*

  11. Pradeep Verlekar

    NASA they are liars.
    Don’t worry this is imagination of NASA.
    The earth is flat stationery and the centre of universe. NASA they think make lie big, make it simple, and eventually people will believe it."The sun the moon and the stars are located in side the firmament and not out side in outer space as we were told and shown in fake NASA videos.
    So trust your eyes and trust your experience. Trust your feelings and trust your intuition. Search for the truth!

  12. glen Bogger187

    I hope it lands on my house, the world is infected by Greedy Horrible Cruel Destructive Hairless Apes that will never change. Lets give Mother Earth another chance.

  13. Florentina Felices

    Papa Jesus plus wag napo marami pa po kaming lahat Ng mga pangarap plisss po mga kababayan ko ayusin na natin to SA buong earth

  14. Just a theory but Maybe the coronavirus is a mass distraction from the asteroid or comet atlas, they have us all quarantined and while doing so they have troops setting up in each state so if/when news does break of a comet or asteroid or even fragments of them having a possible trajectory of hitting earth and people panic they’ll already have military in place for the riots/chaos,even if nasa/govt knew of it hitting us they would not tell the general public ,it would only be known by the higher ups / elites,the day after atlas was publicly discovered the virus was all over the news as a possible distraction,also maybe there’s a 50/50 chance of it hitting and they don’t want news getting out because if there was chaos and riots and it didn’t hit there would be a lot to clean up after,I’m not saying the virus is fake just saying maybe the govt put out a virus they created to cause a way for them to quarantine us and control the public for the next few months that these space rocks are passing due to the threat,if you start seeing powerful people getting “sick” in the next few weeks then it’s likely that maybe one of them is going to cause severe damage to earth and they been sent to underground bunkers, also not sure why the government would be willing to destroy the economy over a virus that has a fatality rate similar to the flu that’s why I think maybe there’s something bigger could have to do with Atlas or maybe it’s something totally different, hopefully I’m 100% wrong though

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