What you need to know about HOSTELS in your 20s

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I’ve just got a message on Instagram the other day and they said how do I keep my stuff safe if I’m in a hostel and I was like before I get too old to do a video of a boy you came for a hostel I better be hey guys my name is Shayla and I make these videos every Wednesday I’ve been travelling full-time since 2015 and this Wednesday I’m in Washington we’re gonna be a Washington until the rest of the year so you’re gonna hear that a lot if you like this video please give it a like and if you want to see more travel tips please subscribe hopefully they’re informational and entertaining but I can’t guarantee either one of those they’ve just got a message on Instagram the other day and they said how do I keep my stuff safe if I’m in a hostel and I was like before I get too old to do a video about looking for a hostel I better be what is a hostel a hostel it’s like a big giant room that’s like a dorm so sometimes there’s four beds and you pay a little bit more for that sometimes there’s 15 beds and you pay a little bit less that sometimes there’s all girl one sometimes there’s go ahead one seven dollars and then it varies but basically it’s just you all share a room that you sleep in and then you share to the kitchen and you share the bathrooms as I’m getting older I’m staying in the four bed one that has its own little about 30 minutes or pregnant and not like 15 people sleeping in a room but when I was younger in love I’ll probably do it again because I think there’s so much fun even if it’s the same price as a hotel I would much rather stay in a hostel because you get to meet people and there’s everyone’s it’s like freshman year of college oh what’s your name where you from when you’re in I would tell you’re like in your hotel room and you’re like well don’t know how I’m gonna make friends so always ask our hostel safe have you watched that movie I feel like the u.s.

Is the only country that’s like my hostels are dangerous all over the rest of the world everyone does hostels act on everything from $60 hostels in Austria to $5 hostels in Nicaragua I wouldn’t recommend those it worked for us because it was cheap at the time this was a bar and they turned a side room into a bedroom by putting a bed in it and a fan but the fan just blew all the smoke from the bar into the room you know it was fine when we did it and I remember when I was in Santorini I stood in a hostel I have a whole video about Santorini on a budget I just like went down to the cafe and was like oh what’s your name are you a making today cool and all of a sudden we have this quad squad let’s all get ATVs an ATV around the island so that’s all we did so we had this quad squad we called ourselves I call this zooming around the island so we took the ATVs from the hostel all the way to fira pita now we’re up to the next town off to the next town it was a freaking blast but there’s just experiences that I’ve had muscles are so good you can also be super in a social and not do anything it’s really up to you a huge question that people have been asking is high yet service there’s a couple different options just Google pocket Wi-Fi for the country that you’re going in I’ve worked with I video there’s sky roam and they’re a little bit more expensive but seem pretty reliable go to your cell phone provider and see if they have any sort of pocket Wi-Fi things their international deals are not usually good deals honestly what I do now is I just get to the place in the airport there’s a sim card place that sells you some cards we usually have like traveler deals that are for the month or whatever just buy one of those and just do data use an app whatsapp to like call and text home make sure your family has it that’s what I recommend the hostels I put together some of my tips for hostels and then I also looked up a few other people’s tips for what they had for hostels in case I missed anything I’ll tell you my tips and I’ll tell you what they recommended and why you might need those things I’m gonna tell them to you because some people think you need them so you can just do whatever you want what would I recommend how do you keep your stuff safe you have your camera or your computer you have other expensive things every hostel gives you a locker does every hostel give you a lot no they don’t do I bring walks every hostel I go to no cuz I forget most of them will rent you one or they’re like Oh bill the street you can buy the lock for $10 do I have a collection of locks at home because I have to buy one every single I stay in a hostel yes do I know where any of those are oh I usually just put my whole backpack in there and just shut it and lock it and I I’ve never had a problem with it it works really well if you want to charge those things first you need the adapter so it’s a different country and it’s a different plug you need that but then an extension cord that gets it from the wall to your bed or the wall to the top bug or like the wall into your lockable Locker what your color is a red flag but there’s something and there’s maybe don’t do that it does not take up that much space that is a huge little hack for you for the bathroom bring your shampoo and conditioner to the Travel section and Target and just buy the little bottles of your shampoo or you can just go buy those little bottles take yours you poop on them in there whatever you want to put them in a ziplock baggie in case these float in your bag a towel do I remembered my towel usually no today right it’s going to you yes do you want to pay for that no so bring a towel don’t bring your bath towel go to RBI or somewhere I’ll put a link below for this buy a microfiber towel that’s a quick try because you just hang it over your bed and it dries quickly and it’s really thin so it’s like Matt my favorite thing to drive it and it takes up like zero space in your suitcase if you don’t want to get weird foot things for public showers bring a pair of flip-flops I always have my Birkenstocks and my Birkenstocks they’re like a hundred dollars I was like okay I’m just gonna I just can’t buy these it’ll be fine and they dry surprisingly fast I wear them in the lake I wear them in hostel showers when I don’t want to touch the nasty slimy floor and I just set them up like this and they just dry so if you want to invest in some Birkenstocks do it if you don’t then just buy some cheapo flip-flops from Walmart but pack those so that you don’t have to step on the dirty floor be respectful apparently some people getting real lucky in hostels I’m not like a big hooker upper like that’s a good thing that live in hostels if you are that person I would hate you in a hostel I’ve never experienced anyone hooked me up in hostel but get yourself some condoms save sex please I don’t even know what I would do if that happened I wouldn’t tell on them but I wouldn’t I don’t like it very much if you’re not that person and you don’t want to listen to that person for yourself some ear buds and a nice basement or like your your ear buds you listen to some music or an audio book or whatever else grandmas do these days I looked up all these recommendations for what to bring to hospitals I wanted to tell you a few other people said and I’m like tell you that I don’t really agree with it one of them was a sleeping bag liner this is a good idea because then you can be in your own sleeping bag liner and you’re not gonna have bedbugs you can check you like curl up the edge of the mattress and you look under there for like little black bugs those are bed bugs don’t stay there like go ask for a refund go somewhere else but you can get a sleeping bag liner that will help with that I’ve never done that I’ve never had a problem with it but if you did have a problem with it that would be a bummer they recommended laundry detergent yeah I’ve done the laundry in hostels and you usually have to go find like what wandered pots sometimes they sell them to you I would say just do that but I want to carry around laundry detergent or laundry pods so that’s your call cooking tools so almost every hostel has like some sort of a kitchen area or forget to like cook and do stuff like that you can bring something tools but usually they’re provided you just have to go buy the food and cook it and the last thing that someone recommended that I was like smash the laundry bag in the van 100 cent do I need to carry it around no like I just roll it up together or like put it in a plastic baggie or something and like put it somewhere else those are just my recommendations for like things that you might you might need if you’re like worried about that Bell said if you don’t want to go looking for laundry detergent otherwise I found that you don’t really it’s fine if you guys have any more questions just let me know if you have any more suggestions for things that you think people should bring the hostels put them below if you like this video please give it a like if you want more travel tip video please subscribe if you’re not already if you’re a patreon if you’re a five-dollar patreon I doing behind-the-scenes videos at least one a month and I just uploaded my last one yesterday it was a farmhouse tour you’re interested in that please click on my patreon below sneak-peek if that will be in the bonus footage and I will see you guys all next Wednesday look at this guy poor girl oh this is gonna make a really sad story wah wah wah wah he gave me eggs this morning so I mean you can ask to Italy get MTV Cribs yeah that’s it thanks for coming to our crib do that again that’s it thanks for coming to our crib let me try okay you guys enjoyed the dogs and the chickens and the goats I’d almost hit me in the face hey you need to stop swearing in my video you’re so cool

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