This Passive Incomes Idea Makes $4,000/Month after 30 Days (Affiliate Marketing)

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– In this video I’m gonna share with you a passive income idea that I was able to take from zero to a full-time passive income of over $4,000 per month, monthly recurring revenue all in just 30 days. You don’t want to miss this one. Hey what’s up everybody? ODi Productions here. I’m back with another video and I have a very special one today. Now for anyone who’s new to the channel, my name’s Odi. I go by ODi Productions and I am obsessed with passive income, entrepreneurship, affiliate marketing, and most importantly cars, as you can see in the background. Now, today’s video is special because I actually get to share with you something I’ve been working on for months.

And first thing I wanna say is you gotta stay tuned until the end of the video because I’m gonna be doing a $200 giveaway today. So make sure you stay until the end for the instructions on that and also I’m gonna be making the biggest announcement that I have yet to make for this year in 2019. So you definitely don’t wanna miss that. Alright, so for anyone’s who’s brand new to the channel, let me just explain the main business model that I like to do which is called affiliate marketing. So affiliate marketing basically, the biggest companies in the world are willing to pay you money to sell their products and you don’t need to be an influencer, you don’t need to be famous.

Let me just hop into my computer right here and I’m gonna show you one of the affiliate networks that I’m a part of and if we just look at these companies right here, right? You see Zappos, Walgreens, Vitamin Shoppe, you see Vineyard Viines, Verizon, TurboTax, Trip Advisor, Travelocity, TJ Maxx, Tire Rack, ya know Staples. These are huge companies, right? We got Samsung, Sears, Revolve. These are huge companies and mostly everyone has heard of these companies, right? Like I don’t need to explain to you or most people what TurboTax is because they have TV commercials, right? They’re already out there, whether it’s on TV, it’s on print, it’s on billboards. Ya know, it’s everywhere. Now, they’re willing to pay you a percentage of products that you’re able to sell and basically if you see right here, you can actually see the sale percentage. This is how much they’re willing to pay you of the product’s price that you’re able to sell. Now when we’re talking about selling, are we talking about getting the physical product and then ya know putting it in a store and getting somebody to buy it? Now, we’re talking about links, literally these things called affiliate links.

So, an affiliate link has a sticky cookie, okay? And when someone clicks your link your sticky cookie gets stuck onto them and if that person buys anything, ya know from that company within the next, usually it’s around 30 days but some programs are as high as 365 days, which is a whole calendar year, you get a percentage you know whether it’s 9%, whether it’s six to 14% of that product as your commission, that’s it. So, ya know just to show you, ya know these are some of the biggest companies but if you were to type on Google and you just look up a company and then affiliate or affiliate program or referral program, chances are you’re going to find something. So I’m showing you guys here. This is Apple’s affiliate program. It’s actually called Apple Performance Partners but it is an affiliate program the same way that all of these are affiliate programs and actually I forgot to show you guys one of the biggest ones, Nike right here.

Look at this. Nike’s willing to pay between one to 3% of anything that anyone buys from you through your links. And so Apple obviously the biggest company right now in the world is willing to pay you a percentage to promote their products. Now, if you aren’t able to get into this affiliate program, one of the oldest affiliate programs is Amazon Associates and I’m actually logged into my account here. Alright, so here I have a brand new Apple MacBook Pro. It’s $2,179 and basically all you have to do is click right here to get the link and you can get the shortened version right here. All I have to do is copy and paste this and put it onto my platform or my social media and basically if you sell this, right at $2,179 here’s a list of the rates that Amazon’s willing to pay.

It’s based on category, right? So basically a MacBook would probably classify under a PC and you would get paid 2.5%, which is roughly around $54 of this $2,179. Yes, I did the math before this video. So you would get paid $54 right for every single one of these MacBooks that you can sell, right? Now the cool thing about Amazon Associates is that you actually get paid a percentage of anything that someone buys after they click the link within 24 hours. So if someone clicks this affiliate link for a MacBook but they end up buying let’s say ya know some pet products or some supplies, then you actually get paid based on you know the percentage here so you would get paid the 8% for those pet products. Now if they don’t buy the laptop, you still get paid for the pet products. But if they buy the pet products and the laptop you would get paid accordingly but it has to happen within 24 hours.

So Amazon is actually one of the, one of the quickest and the shortest windows of the affiliate link but for other companies like these big ones over here, they tend to be somewhere around 30, 60, or 90 days. That’s how long the tracking lasts. Now, you don’t need to renew your links. You get the link one time and that’s what makes this passive income. So what else makes affiliate marketing passive income, okay? The first thing is that basically you don’t have to be the company and you don’t have to deal with customer service, manufacturing the product, ya know buying inventory, shipping and distribution, refunds, complaints, et cetera. You don’t have to deal with any of that. Literally at the end of the day, affiliate marketing is just links. So that in itself is just passive income because all you have to do is make sure you create a system that gets steady sales month to month. Now, another thing that makes affiliate marketing passive income is certain subscription-based products or services will pay you a monthly percentage for the lifetime of the customers that sign up under you. So basically you only need to get the sale one time, up front, and you get paid for months and years to come as long as those customers remain customers and for a lot of products and a lot of software and services you’re gonna remain a customer for years if you continue to use that product.

Think about things like Netflix, right? Ya know, most people have those accounts for years, okay? And that’s just a little example. I’ll talk more about that in a bit. But basically if you’re interested at all in this business model of affiliate marketing I highly suggest that you join my Affiliate Marketing with ODi Productions Facebook group completely free to sign up. I’m actually gonna be going live today to answer questions but basically you can see how far we’ve been blowing up in just the last couple weeks. And you can see we are now at almost 1,700 members. So sign up for that if you guys want to be able to interact with me on a more personal level. So anyways, let’s move on to the video because I want to talk about how I was able to take this product from zero to full time passive income.

Now let me give you just a quick backstory. One of the most common questions I get every single day is if you had to start all over from scratch and you know you had all the knowledge that you’ve gained over your seven years of experience what would you do today if you had to start all over again? So, basically I decided to answer this question by conducting an experiment. This is a 30-day experiment that I actually conducted for my private mentorship program called Passive Income Lifestyle and I wanted to take an affiliate product from zero and just see how far I could take it in 30 days.

Now there was no guarantees, I never said or made any claims like I’m gonna take this from zero to a thousand a month, 2,000 a month, 3,000 a month. Obviously, you know I had my expectations and I was hoping to ya know have some results and basically at the end of the 30 days what I wanted to do is I wanted to share everything behind the scenes including the sales funnel, the emails, the content, and so much more. So I’m proud to present to you the results of that 30-day case study. So I’m gonna actually show you right here this Excel sheet where I tracked every single day how many sales, how many signups, and all the actions that I took every single day to get these results. So, you can see I blacked out this section right here because this is just for my private mentorship group but you guys can see the day-to-day data right here of ya know the fluctuation in numbers and customers and of course in the commissions.

And just to show you ya know further proof of the backend, here is the affiliate program which I’ll be talking about the product later in this video. But this is how much monthly recurring revenue. We have $1,7but we have over $2,000, actually $2,4in potential monthly recurring revenue that’s in the pipeline right now. Now there’s a gap because basically we have 31 people currently in a free trial and it’s a 14-day free trial for this software. Now, we’ve only been doing this for 30 days. So obviously is someone signed up let’s say 13 days ago then we would not have that be verified until tomorrow or the next day.

Now, the thing is this number right here does take into account how many people refund because that’s called the trial stick rate. This is the percentage of users who do not cancel during their trial period. So don’t worry, this potential trial monthly recurring revenue number does factor that into play. So what you’re looking at is a relatively accurate estimate. If anything, this might be an underestimate of how much these customers, the 31 customers in free trial are worth.

So we’ll just find out within a week or two. Now, let’s jump right into this because basically I want to explain how did I get these results. And I know that’s what you want to find out as well. First we’re just gonna talk about the first 30 days. What did I do to get these results from zero in just 30 days? Now I think the best thing to do is to work backwards, okay? This is a bit of a unique approach. Most people ya know they start with a typical ya know A through B through C but I wanna talk backwards from getting the sale all the way back to the product and the niche that I chose.

So let’s start with sales, okay? How do you get sales? Now, the way that I got sales in this case study is I created something called a sales funnel, okay where you are building a relationship and a rapport with your customer, well potential customers, and you’re giving them a reason to buy, okay? And simple reasons can be something like reciprocation.

Okay, that’s one of the strongest human psychological ya know factors of influence is give and take. So if you give someone value you’re bound to get value in return. Now, what is a concrete example of a sales funnel? Now, a sales funnel can be as simple as a piece of content okay like a review video or a blog post that basically gives someone value through information, it educates the consumer on the product, and it basically tells them whether the product is right for them or not. It helps them make a purchase decision. Now, ya know at the end of that piece of content you can say hey, click the link in the description or click the link below to purchase the product through me. It’s an affiliate link, I’m gonna get a commission, and ya know if you want to say thank you then you can use my link to purchase the product and a lot of times people actually will take you up on this and purchase the product just because, ya know if you give someone value they feel obliged, from a human psychological standpoint, to give back in return.

It’s give and take, ya know? So with that being said sales funnels can actually get a lot more complex. Now I used a bit more of a complex one in my sales funnel and this is used for more expensive products. Now basically if you wanna make a sales funnel for a more expensive or complex product you include things like free training and support, followup emails right, one-on-one emails to answer their questions, discounts, bonuses, incentives, or a combination of all of the above. So basically I want to give this analogy. It’s kind of like if you were boxing someone, okay? So if you were to, you were to fight someone. Now if you were selling a cheap $20 product you could probably just go for a one-punch knockout and be done with it, right? Now, when you’re selling something like let’s say a $2,000 product you’re gonna need to rely on more than just a one-punch knockout, okay? If you want to get this sale and you want to basically win you’re gonna have to develop a combination, okay? Maybe you’re gonna have to give ’em a couple jabs, throw in a hook, an uppercut. Ya know you’re gonna have to fight a long battle basically to win this fight, okay? And essentially it may take a lot of rounds, ya know? It may take you more than just one round.

It may take only one round, which is basically let’s say making like one video to sell a 20 or $30 product. Now when you’re selling a $2,000, $3,000 product you’re gonna have to basically go multiple, multiple rounds and you’re gonna have to throw in so many different combinations, right? But at the end the result is so much better because ya know if you wanna be a champion and to fight the former champion it’s gonna be a lot tougher than just a single punch, right? So a sales funnel.

That’s basically how you build a relationship and how you over time you wear down a buyer’s resistance and then you show them value of the product, you build that relationship with them, and it results in a sale. Now, let’s move on to the step before that. So before a customer becomes a sale they had to click on your affiliate link but where do they click that link? They click it from something called a platform. Now what are examples of platforms? A sales page, aka landing page. This can be a simple one page where there’s software like click funnels, convert kits, and lead pages where you can make a simple page to sell or put your affiliate links, okay? It could also be a website.

Now, a website is a little more intricate than just a simple sales page or landing page because you’re actually having multiple pages or tabs where ya know it’s a lot more than just a simple sales page, right? But it’s generally a similar idea. Now other platforms include social media like YouTube and Instagram. Those are my two favorite platforms for social media and for doing affiliate marketing, especially YouTube, simply because YouTube with video content, it’s so much easier to sell to people. You can have affiliate links right in your description and you know at the end of the day if it’s about building relationships, nothing builds a relationship faster than using a video and sharing yourself, right? But another thing I like about YouTube, and we’re gonna get into this when we talk about traffic, is that YouTube has this thing where when you make content people can find your content by searching it up. This is called SEO. So we’ll get into that in the next step. Before someone lands on your platform they need to get there through something called traffic okay and you need traffic because without traffic it’s basically like not even getting any customers in the door, and if you’re not getting customers in the door how do you expect anyone to buy something, right? Basically, the majority of these sales that I made in my case study right here came from free, organic traffic.

I didn’t even pay for it, okay? And the best form of free, organic traffic is something called SEO or search engine optimization. This is my favorite form of traffic and let me tell you why. So to explain SEO very simply. If someone were to look up your product or look up reviews or anything about your product, your content, your platform would pop up, right? So if we’re on the platform of YouTube and someone’s looking for reviews on headphones, right? And if they were to look up these headphones and your video was to pop up, that right there my friends is SEO.

Now why is this the best form of traffic? Because with SEO you have something called intent. These customers are intent on finding this product or they’re already thinking about purchasing it. You don’t have to force anything or convince them. Essentially, they’re already looking to buy and your content or your sales funnel is the thing that’s gonna push them over the edge. Now, what’s cool about SEO is you get to attract your customers, right rather than going out and chasing after your customers.

Now, anyone who’s been in a relationship or who’s had a crush, you know that when you are chasing after someone it is honestly one of the most difficult things in the world versus someone coming to you and someone making the first move, right? If someone comes to you, you already have that in the bag like ya know it’s already a sure thing.

Now when you’re going after someone else, nothing is guaranteed, alright? So you want to attract your customers online. You wanna find people who are already interested in you or what you have to sell essentially, right? They’re already interested in this product. I don’t have to really beg and plead them to buy the product. Now the opposite of free organic traffic is obviously paid traffic. I definitely believe that paid traffic has its place and I think that is essential if you wanna create a real ya know explosive business, right? And you wanna scale past that point of just free organic.

The thing with paid traffic though is that paid traffic is like forcing people into the door, alright? They won’t be as ready to buy as people who are searching you up because they lack intent. They aren’t necessarily looking for what you have to sell. They may be interested but they weren’t looking for it. You had to pop up in front of them. You had to make the first move. So the next thing I’m gonna talk about other than traffic, there has to be an affiliate product, right? And that product needs to have an affiliate program. Ya know before you get the affiliate link there needs to be an affiliate program. So you know when I’m showing you the Amazon Associates here, before we get this affiliate link you have to choose a product, right? So let’s talk about the product which I chose for this case study. I chose a product called ClickFunnels. So ClickFunnels is a marketing software. It just allows you to create a landing page or sales page. So I’m actually gonna go right here and show you the ClickFunnels affiliate program. You know, why did I choose ClickFunnels? One, it’s an awesome software, okay? And what the software does, it allows you to just easily get online and make sales pages and landing pages in minutes, okay? And you don’t need to be tech savvy and they literally are made for internet marketers.

Now another reason why is they have an awesome affiliate program that pays 40% monthly recurring commissions. So you know earlier when I was talking about ya know certain companies are paying 40%? So you’re getting 40% of either $97 a month or 40% of $297 a month, okay? And when we actually go into our backend right here in terms of our sales, you can see that just nine of that $279 per month plan equals over $1,000 in monthly recurring revenue, okay? We’re getting paid over $1,000 just from nine sales. That’s it, nine customers, okay? So my reasons for choosing ClickFunnels is an awesome affiliate program, super high ticket. I mean nine sales is already four figures a month monthly recurring commission, and you know it’s a great product that I’ve used successfully for over a year.

Like before I even started to promote ClickFunnels, and the reason why I even came up with the idea for the case study, is I have already been using it for over a year. And the cool thing about being an affiliate for click funnels is they make your job so much easier by literally providing you with sales pages, landing pages. So when I was talking about sales funnels and landing pages, actually you don’t even need to really create your own. You can actually just take one of theirs and copy and paste the link and it will basically create a sales page that’s already premade and then it has your affiliate link so you will get paid even for using ClickFunnels’ landing page, alright? So you wanna give someone a 14-day trial, you send them this link and then it will sell them, you know ClickFunnels already has their sales page but it has your sticky cookie on it.

In addition to that, they give you all of these banners, these banner ads, and even emails that you can copy and paste. For this case study I actually created my own emails just because ya know, no offense to ClickFunnels but I was looking at these emails and honestly like I, I just felt that I could do a lot better and thankfully I did that for the case study and you know those emails ended up having open rates of over 40%. Now, let me just move on to the next thing. So before you choose a product you need to choose a niche, right? So this is basically the first step. We’ve worked all the way back from a sale to a platform to traffic to a product to now the niche. Alright, so the last step or since we’re working backwards this would actually be the first step, is choosing your niche, okay? So choosing a niche is very interesting because there is literally hundreds if not thousands of potential niche markets and industries out there, okay? And I’ve said this before but basically the niche and the product that you choose are gonna determine essentially how much money you’re gonna make.

Because certain niches and products get paid more than others. And I like to use the analogy of sports. If you’re, to be a professional athlete you know if you were to play in the MLB, which is Major League Baseball or NBA, which is professional basketball, you would on average ya know per player gets paid a higher salary than someone who plays in the NFL. Now someone who plays in the NFL, it’s based on position. So if you were to be a starting quarterback in the NFL you’d make over $5,000,000 salary. Now if you were to be another position that wasn’t as rare, right because there’s only one quarterback that’s gonna be on the field at all times, now if you were to be another position, let’s say you were a defensive player or something right, you’re probably not gonna be making as much as the $5,000,000.

And ya know quarterbacks just get paid the most just because it’s a very in-demand job and there’s not that many of them playing, right? At least not starting quarterbacks. Now, let’s talk about niches. What are the most profitable niches? So, basically there are hundreds of niches but I’m just gonna explain the evergreen niches to you which are health, wealth, and relationships, okay? As long as time lasts, people are gonna pay money if you can help them whether it’s with their health, their wealth, or in their relationships okay because from a human standpoint, right these are the things that we need to live a quality of life, right? I chose the specific niche underneath wealth, okay making money online. The reason why there’s a lot of money in making money online, there’s always gonna be money in helping someone make money, right? It’s simple as that. Now, I chose the specific niche of business software underneath that sub niche of wealth and make money online because businesses and entrepreneurs are ready and willing to invest to make more money, simple as that.

They understand investment, right? Now, software specifically pays 30 to 40% commissions and monthly recurring too. So you know I showed you this ClickFunnels right here but ClickFunnels is not the only software that’s paying 30, 40% monthly recurring commissions. There’s email marketing software like AWeber, which is my email marketing service that I use. They pay 30% monthly recurring commissions for the lifetime of that customer. So ya know there’s a lot of software and products out there and you’re just gonna have to do research to find out more. But basically there will always be money in helping people make more money, right? Personal trainers get paid every single day to help someone to lose weight or to build some muscle so why wouldn’t someone get paid to help someone improve their financial health? Which is honestly more rare because when it comes to health I mean obviously, you go on Instagram, you see so many personal trainers and fitness guides but there is much fewer and much more in demand people who are helping in terms of financial health whether it’s saving, budgeting, or making money or additional income sources, this is a much rarer thing because ya know honesty I think it’s more difficult than teaching someone how to lose weight.

So that basically wraps up the step by step and we worked backwards because I think it’s important if you want to reach success you need to reverse engineer things, right? And if you don’t know where to start, look at the end. Look at the end result and work backwards from there. So I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you guys did please hit the thumbs up button and let me know in the comments below. But basically I wanted to talk about the $200 giveaway. Now, I’ve been doing giveaways on my channel basically for a long time. I used to do $100 giveaways all the time but it’s been a while and I wanna come back with a $200 giveaway and the instructions to enter are very simple.

All you have to do is type passive income into the comments below and include your IG, Instagram username or handle. So ya know your @ and then your username, right? And then follow my Instagram @odi_productions because I’ll be announcing the winner there. Now, in order to qualify the only thing you need to do to qualify is you have to be subscribed to my YouTube channel. So subscribe and hit the notification bell because if you don’t hit the bell you’re not really subscribed, alright.

And I’m gonna be making new videos every single week. You know you don’t want to miss out on this content. Now the last thing I wanna leave you guys with is this huge announcement. Alright, so now for that huge announcement that I was talking about at the beginning of this video. So this is probably gonna be the biggest announcement so far of 2019. I am basically launching a brand new product called Affiliate Evolution, okay. This product is seven years of experience combined with over a year and a half of teaching and mentorship in the affiliate marketing space and basically this product came as a response to all the messages, the comments, the DMs of people who were seeking mentorship but could not afford my mentorship program, you know my eight week program called Passive Income Lifestyle.

Anyways, what I decided to do was create something new and I’m taking that 30-day case study of going from zero to a full-time passive income and I decided to make it public and that is what is gonna be included in Affiliate Evolution. So what is Affiliate Evolution? It’s different from any other affiliate course out there because instead of giving you the vanilla, what is affiliate marketing this and that, I’m actually just gonna show you and let you see how I do affiliate marketing behind the scenes and I’m gonna share with you everything from the sales funnels, the emails, the templates, everything that I did to get these results, okay? And I’m not sharing with not just one but two case studies and there’s basically two methods that I’m gonna teach in Affiliate Evolution.

One is profit and the other is passion. So profit is that 30-day case study going from zero to a full-time passive income over 4,000 monthly recurring revenue in just 30 days. That’s all about profit. It’s choosing the best product, the best niche, the best platforms. What’s the most direct way to getting significant results with affiliate marketing? Now passion is a bit of a longer method that shows you how to turn your hobby into a part-time or full-time living as I was able to achieve. And so I’m gonna present with you those two paths of profit and passion and I’ll let you decide which path you wanna take. Obviously you can mix and match all the techniques and the strategies within them but this is showing you two real case studies behind the scenes, like behind the curtain. You get to see everything that I did. So for the passion case study for example I was able to make a full-time passive income starting with just $100 in vestment up front. And ya know pretty much the same thing with the profit method as well. So basically, you guys get to see the behind-the-scenes.

You get to watch me do it and obviously I’m gonna explain and break things down in a step-by-step level afterwards and go deeper into you know getting traffic and making good content but essentially I’m showing you two real case studies about how to do successful affiliate marketing in the real world and ya know methods that are working right now today. So basically if you don’t win that $200 giveaway you still have a chance to save $200 today by using the coupon code EVOLVE, E-V-O-L-V-E, EVOLVE if you sign up for the Affiliate Evolution program in the description below. So I hope to see you guys in there. I’m gonna be going live in the Facebook group in the description as well today to answer questions. I’ll probably be going live throughout the week to answer more questions. But I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I am so thankful and happy to announce this product that I’ve been working on for literally months and it’s been over seven years of experience and a year and a half teaching experience in the making, and I promise you that it’s gonna be a good one.

So I hope to see you guys in there but basically I will catch you guys on the next video. Make sure you comment, you hit the like button if you enjoy content like this and then subscribe, hit the notification bell or you’re not really subscribed and I’ll see you guys on the next video, peace. .

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