The Secrets of Light and Energy | Quantum Physics BBC Science Documentary 2019

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The Secrets of Light and Energy | Quantum Physics BBC Science Documentary 2019

This BBC science documentary on the secrets of light and energy quantum physics, highlights the formation, transference and storage of energy as well as how light is reflected and “created”.

Light energy is a kind of kinetic energy with the ability to make types of light visible to the human eye. Light is defined as a form of electromagnetic radiation emitted by hot objects like lasers, bulbs, and the sun. Light contains photons which are minute packets of energy.


46 thoughts on “The Secrets of Light and Energy | Quantum Physics BBC Science Documentary 2019”

  1. Felicia Bucur

    Sir, excuse me, I have seen you with some unproperly shoes for this footage! You supposed to be in the wilderness, but what about of your SHOES?

  2. Just a thought. Space is curved around 4 dimensions but we see it in3 dimensions only. This is why we can’t see the majority of space. If you would like to know more, simply reply.

  3. Thank you BBC and even more, Professort Al-Khalili. Professor Al-Khalili is a great asset for humankind , a very human and accessible asset. I look forward to the documentary about the dark, and hope the other side of the moon does..matter. Tyson has brilliant panache, but Al-Khalili has ingenius idiom. If he had been one of my professors I would have become a physicist 🙂

  4. John F Hendry

    58:02 The elements of the periodic table occupy space connected to time… that is a fact. Therefore it only stands to reason using basic logic that John Newlands’ law of octaves provide the answer to the mystery of missing Dark Matter being nothing more than observing space connected to time increasing with time in an observable harmonic octave level structure.

    The further back in time you look the lower the octave level frequency and every student of physics as well as every audio engineer knows the lower the frequency the more energy is required to support it. This observation should have been expected. But it’s often the simple and most obvious things that go unnoticed. The asymmetry of the weak force {a} adds one hour every thousand years…. try measuring something using time and look what happens to your ruler: (e{a})/t=E. Remember E=T and E is a constant and cannot increase.

    In summery we don’t need a space ship representing a separate inertial frame of reference to fly past us at close to the speed of light to induce a massive degree of time dilation and slow our clock down relative to the spaceship’s clock because when we look at the Sun we ARE looking at a speed of light clock within the weak force generating the light. If it were not for naturally occurring weak force asymmetry you could not read this because your clock would not be moving.

    To put that in scale with the speed of light creating our measuring stick connected to time, the force of gravity (created by the subtrahend of the EM wave) controls the outcome of the Universe… yet given a "size" in force for relative comparison and comprehension, compared to the electric force the force of gravity is unbelievably tiny and matches the size of a single proton whereas the electric force in comparison is larger than the entire Earth, larger than the Solar System, even larger than the Milky Way Galaxy…, in fact the electric force in comparison is the exact size of the observed (measured) Universe giving us a reference for space being connected to time, and time connected to Mass oscillation.

    It’s an e-motional process with wait states (gaps in time of non-awareness) connected to sensory perception hidden in the resulting illusions going into a state of oscillation creates that physics connected to biology and music theory is just starting to sift through in coming to the awareness of why time connected to space really does tell all when connected to an initial inertial frame of reference created by Mass starting out in a state of Singularity. Time is not relative to multiple observers existing at the same time as it appears, time is relative to a Single Observer (E) in multiple places in time.

    With space connected to time if a particle is going through a slit in the space to the left of another slit in an experiment it obviously cannot go through the space of the other slit on the right side at the same exact time anymore than a guy in a car who got a speeding ticket for driving up Main St at 60 mph can go past 2nd St at the same time he goes past 4th St even if he makes a U turn and averages out the distance to tell the Judge he slowed down and wasn’t moving… on the scale of the atom to say the particle was in two separate locations at the "same time" is just like saying the particle was in the "same place".

    Thanks to Einstein physicists say space is connected to time, just as a parrot can say it wants a cracker without understanding the difference between the noun and the verb. No singularity, no single observer can be in two places at the same time and that fact forms the (needed) foundation of logic….

  5. The Power of Zen

    “How is it that a 3rd of the food we produce is wasted? We’ve created an app that…….”. It’s called a surplus and market saturation because nobody is innovative or creative enough to start a business that delivers to real needs or local problems. Everyone is just after a get rich quick scheme.

  6. Olivia Valentine

    2:36 *boyfriend comes sprinting into the room thinking i’m watching avatar: the last airbender*

  7. What’s biology got to do with light. Anyway thanks for the upload I’ve seen it before anyway love this guy

  8. Danielle Hensen

    To much yellow dots, why!!! Please realize that people don’t want commercials forcing. So I left! Quit watching, looking for a better video with this subject.

  9. i want to know if there is anyone on the planet that watches documentaries on their free time and not just because their teacher made them.

  10. thankyou BBC for sir Simon wessely the knighted psychopathic psychiatrist awarded a Maddox for standing up to those who complained about him given a knighthood for it and elected to run the royal society of medicine .This shows what being an abuser can get you also his science is crap .

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