The Real History Of Demonic Possession | Gods and Monsters | Timeline

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The Real History Of Demonic Possession | Gods and Monsters | Timeline

Mankind has always catalogued its fear of the demonic influence. Tony learns about possession and exorcism, including a man who killed his wife.

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42 thoughts on “The Real History Of Demonic Possession | Gods and Monsters | Timeline”

  1. Totally misleading and inappropriate title. SHOULD BE CALLED "Witchcraft 101" or "Spellcasting How To." Absurd.

  2. That was a spitting image of my ex-girlfriend. It never occurred to me she might have been demon-possessed. Needless to say, we brought out the worst in each other.

  3. Happy for this video cause so many people doesn’t believe evil exists. And this is done purposely by him, but if you have at least some logic…you will know that evil and God DO exist.

  4. Forrest C. Redd

    As someone who has witnessed an exorcism first hand, I can assure you that everything you think you know about spirits, and God, and the universe, is nothing compared to the staunch realization you face viewing the exorcism of an evil spirit.

  5. Anne has epilepsy. The great fear, the white fog closing in… She was having a seizures.
    I have epilepsy, they were describing an epileptic aurora on thr farm during the fist event. An aurora is the oncoming feeling of a seizure. Sometimes you go into full blown seizure sometimes it passes..either way you feel terrified. I’ve also done everything she was doing in the bed. The hallucinations, fighting the doctors. I feel so sorry for these sick people. I can’t imagine going through all that with no medical explanation!

  6. Demons are real, they are not fallen angels, angels are angels, spirits are spirits, there are good and evil spirits, clear?! The Almighty God created all of us. Witchcraft is indeed real, you will realize it when it hits you or your family.

  7. Alexandra Goldillo

    I watched the whole documentary and I gotta say: the last part with the husband killing his wife thinking she’s a fairy made my skin crawl! I’m shocked by the level of naivity some people had in the past…. horrible!

  8. Whenever I think of the world of spirits, the fairy forts that come to my mind are nowadays called distilleries…

  9. So I have an act I do at various Renaissance Faires. I’m called the butterfly lady. A big part of it is me having kids look for butterflies that ahead of time I have hidden all over the fairgrounds. In the kids have to find the itty bitty fairies near the butterflies. My brain won’t stop with all the stories I tell but translated into evil creatures

  10. Jamie Patterson

    I usually like all the videos on this channel. But I found this one to be wildly speculative. If people are talking about angels and demons as if this is completely historically correct. There are going to be people it take all of this 100% serious. The fact is a lot of undiagnosed illnesses like epilepsy were thought to be demonic possession

  11. ImmaSingWhatIWant

    Having the reenactment with the host and experts in the scene is… interesting. I don’t think I’ve seen that before. It’s an odd feeling. Kind of like when a fantasy story has a residual haunting or a spell or something that lets them see echoes of the past playing out.

  12. Ah, a documentary displaying how the mentality ill have been treated before the 1980s…. It never was demons, just chemical imbalances.

  13. PhantasmVideoVault

    The real history of demonic possession? This documentary is total garbage… Here is some advise Timeline / DGR why don’t you interview people who really know what they are talking about in regards to demonic obsession, oppression & possession!

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