The Rare and Exotic Animals " White Lions"-[HD]National Geographic[Full Documentary]

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The Rare and Exotic Animals " White Lions"-[HD]National Geographic[Full Documentary]

The Rare and Exotic Animals ” White Lions”-[HD]National Geographic[Full Documentary]

The Rare and Exotic Animals – National Geographic Documentary. The white lion is a rare color mutation of the Timbavati area. White lions are the same as the tawny African Lion (Panthera leo krugeri) found in some wildlife reserves in South Africa and in zoos around the world. White lions are not a separate subspecies and are thought to be indigenous to the Timbavati region of South Africa for centuries, although the earliest recorded sighting in this region was in 1938. Regarded as divine by locals, white lions first came to public attention in the 1970s in Chris McBride’s book The White Lions of Timbavati. Up until 2009, when the first pride of white lions was reintroduced to the wild, it was widely believed that the white lion could not survive in the wild. It is for this reason that a large part of the population of white lions now reside in zoos.


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  1. Guys you can also make the white lion by striking a regular lion with a lightning bolt from your trident

  2. 25:48 bra I like how as soon as that male lion came all of the cubs just run away while the 2 mothers were fighting that was just a funny part


    lions: **SNIFF** i smell something…..
    Ooop wait nvr mind just the cameraman, Sorry Cameraman!

  4. I can’t believe how dumb some peoples are in the comments rubbing their sadness in everyone’s faces. Ok, IK many of you will fight with me for saying that because the brother died and their feeling sad and what not. BUT THATS HOW WILDLIFE IS OK? They are so dumb, many animals die daily and they say “ OmG iM sO sAd ThE bRoThEr DiEd…” that’s the cycle of life! Some people eat pork or ham and whatever! BUT WHAT ABOUT THE ANIMALS YOU EAT FROM CHICKEN AND PORK AND WHATEVER. and you feel bad for one of the brothers dying! IK it’s sad but guess what?! IK THAT ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS BUT LISTEN, MY FRIENDS DOG HAD 3 PUPPIES AND 2 OF THEM WERE SOLD, THEY. CRIED FOR TEN MINS AND THEN FORGOT ABOUT THEM! SO SAME GOES FOR LIONS.
    Just know that you shouldn’t feel bad for dead animals in the wild, because they are meant to fight, and sometimes fight to death. That’s how the wild is. Thats how LIFE is. It’s better for them to die then to suffer from pain. That’s the circle of life, if an animals kill other animals. The dead animals are food for the hungry animals.
    It’s ok if you feel sad but still, DONT OVERREACT AND SAY IN THE COMMENTS ‘OMG IM SO SAD IM CRYING’ Blah blah blah.

  5. Where in South Africa is this, please tell me. I am from South Africa, haven’t been in the wild yet.

  6. Funny how much misinformation is on this show. Not saying it’s all wrong but definitely misleading. Especially about spotted hyenas (which all they talk about is them being scavengers) when I’m reality 90%of their kills are from animals they hunted and killed themselves

  7. Should have helped him man just tranquilize them i now thats natuer but cmon you want to make us sad bro im crying

  8. I knew going through the comments was a bad idea- at least I have time to prepare for when the son will die 🙁

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