The Miracle Liquid

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It may seem odd that the most overlooked nutrient is also the most essential, oxygen, it is true that the majority of people are lacking in this nutrient for a number of reasons. Incorrect shallow breathing, smoking and other air pollutants as well as dehydration, all contribute to the deficiency of oxygen in the body. This is the number one reason why people get sick, but there is a remedy for this.

There is a cure, there is a substance that can be easily obtained and use.
It is something that has been used in stocked in medicine cabinets for decades. It is very inexpensive, and it can cure almost any disease, and that ladies and gentlemen, is hydrogen peroxide.

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In order to understand how hydrogen peroxide works you need to first understand what hydrogen peroxide is. Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 is nothing more than water H2O, with one extra oxygen atom. Your body naturally produces hydrogen peroxide and it is the first line of defense against infection. It is also produced in nature when the sun’s rays come in contact with the surface of a body of water.

Now, there are several grades and concentrations of hydrogen peroxide there is a pharmaceutical grade, which is the grade you will find in the drugstore. This comes in a little brown bottle at a concentration of 3% hydrogen peroxide. The rest of it is purified water and added stabilizers. Manufacturers do not disclose to the public as to what these stabilizers are but these stabilizers include chemicals such as phenol, sodium stagnate and tetra sodium phosphate and even though this grade in percentage of H2O2 may seem great for cuts burns and mouthwash, it’s garbage, and absolutely must not be used internally ever. Next we have a cosmetic grade of H2O2 this is normally in concentrations of 3%, 5% and 11%, this grade is commonly used by beauticians for the bleaching and coloring of hair.

Moving up in concentration, we have a reagent grade of hydrogen peroxide that is commonly used in laboratories for scientific experiments, also, like the pharmaceutical grade, it contains stabilizers you normally find this in concentrations of 30%, there’s an electronic grade that is a slightly higher concentration than the reagent grade 32% which of course is used to clean electronic parts, at 35% percent concentration we have a technical grade of hydrogen peroxide, this particular grade has added phosphorous to help neutralize any chlorine in the water used to diluted this is also used for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces the higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide our industrial grades that you probably won’t be able to get your hands on, if you wanted to such as 90% industrial grade H2O2 which is used to make rocket.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide is the grade I will be focusing on here.
It comes in concentrations of 3% to 50% and does not contain any stabilizers. 35% is the concentration you want. Now, you can’t play around with this stuff folks, it is highly caustic at this concentration, and must be diluted. If you get any in your eyes, it will burn them, so it is a good idea to wear eye protection. You will know if any gets on your skin as your skin will turn white and burn so wear gloves when diluting, people have mistakenly drink this stuff without knowing because they think it’s just regular water.
If you have children, make sure this stuff is clearly labeled, tightly sealed and preferably hidden in the back of your freezer. It will break down and lose potency over time, around 10% a year. It will not freeze in your freezer, but keeping it stored there will help to keep it from destabilizing and breaking down.

Now, how many uses are there for 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide? Multiple, commercially, it is used in the production and packaging of cheese, eggs, milk and other foods at home. It makes for a great detoxifying bath, you can soak your toothbrush in it, you can wash your mouth with it, use it on cuts, scrapes, burns, infections, sinus infections, you can sanitize just about anything with this stuff. You can soak your food in it use it in marinade, you can wash your dishes and laundry with it, and you can use it internally to cleanse and heal yourself of almost any disease.

There are the many many authors who have written books about the internal use of hydrogen peroxide when in particular
“The One Minute Cure” by Madison Cavanaugh, it’s a quick read and covers the appropriate use, the protocol and benefits to using H2O2 internally.
Now I have done this protocol, and there are several variations of it, but this is basically how it’s done, you take your thirty five percent food grade hydrogen peroxide, an eyedropper and eight to ten ounces of distilled water. Some protocols say you can use milk, some say juice, what you need to know is that whatever liquid you use to dilute it with the H2O2, will have a reaction to any minerals in the solution this is why you don’t want to use spring or tap water for this protocol, you only want to use distilled water.

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35% Food Grade
Hydrogen Peroxide

You take your eyedropper and you place one drop in your glass of distilled water, some people say you can start with three drops trust me start with one before you drink this, you must make sure that there is nothing in your stomach, that means you’re going to have to time yourself when you take this stuff because you’re going to need to do this at least twice a day.

If you’re an expert at this, three times a day is better, each day you increase the dosage by one drop per day so the first day it was one drop three times a day, then the next day you increased it to two drops, three times a day, and the next three drops, three times a day and so on, you do this until you get the dosage to around 12 drops then you can start to increase it by two drops per day up, until you get around twenty five drops three times a day. You keep your body on this dosage for close to two weeks, after that you begin to do the protocol in reverse so that you can slowly taper off of the H2O2. Of course you’re going to want to find and look at several sources so you can get a better understanding of the exact protocol to follow, so what you are doing is you are pumping up the oxygen levels in your blood and maintaining those levels, so your body has the time to use that extra oxygen to repair and heal you.

Stop and take a slow deep breath right now, did you feel that sensation flood your body? Think about the sensations, one would have doing this protocol. I can tell you from experience while doing this protocol, some very awesome things happen, you will feel a bit sick at times in the first couple of weeks and this is generally why people quit after the first week, this is the healing crisis, and you just have to get through it. Once you do, your energy level goes up. You sleep better, your skin clears up, your cravings for addictive substances goes down, your body burns fat faster, and you lose weight, your eyesight improves, your brain is highly oxygenated so you can think more clearly, you will actually notice a significant difference in your cognitive abilities before and during this procedure. These are some of the things you’re going to notice happen while using this method.

Now there are naysayers who will suggest that this doesn’t work and or you end up damaging your body in the end, and I can tell you they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, never take advice from someone who clearly has not done the damn protocol, this stuff was already proven to work decades ago. Now people want to come out with all this crap, because other people want to start using it again, ozone therapy works, it has been proven to work countless times. 35 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide works folks. I always have this in my house for the number of reasons I just mentioned. It’s amazing to be able to have these things accessible to us, and it’s too bad that people are scared off from learning the truth, but you can definitely be one of the few, who will benefit from knowing it today.

The One-Minute Cure reveals a remarkable, scientifically proven natural therapy that creates an environment within the body where disease cannot thrive, thus enabilng the body to cure itself of disease.