The Conspiracy Virus: COVID-19 misinformation in the US | The Listening Post

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The Conspiracy Virus: COVID-19 misinformation in the US | The Listening Post

On The Listening Post this week: How a conspiracy documentary hijacked US social media and fuelled misinformation on COVID-19. Plus: Peru and the art of digital homeschooling.

COVID-19 misinformation in US
So much about this pandemic remains unknown, which is why reporting on it is so challenging. A lack of scientific consensus, heavy-handed government policies, and lockdown-induced economic woes have resulted in a wave of fear, anxiety, and powerlessness – perfect conditions for misinformation and conspiracy theories to thrive.

The US is ground zero for a lot of these theories, not least because the president and outlets like Fox News have long trafficked in them. There is a market for conspiracy theories; one that can turn a discredited scientist and an obscure filmmaker into an internet phenomenon.

The Listening Post takes a look at ‘Plandemic’ – the viral sensation of COVID-19 conspiracy theories.


Joe Uscinski – co-author, American Conspiracy Theories

Joan Donovan – research director, Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, Harvard University

Will Sommer – tech reporter, The Daily Beast

Jared Yates Sexton – author & analyst

On our radar:
Richard Gizbert speaks to producer Nic Muirhead about a recent buyout in Italy meaning that Fiat automobiles now controls one of Italy’s biggest newspapers – La Repubblica – and with it, a shift in editorial tone.

Listen, Watch, Learn: Peru’s school system takes to airwaves
In many countries, it is still far too early to send children back to school. Take Peru, for instance; with more than 100,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, it has the second most of any Latin American country, behind Brazil.

One area where Peru seems to have fared better is education. Within three weeks of declaring a national lockdown, and with the collaboration of both public and private broadcasters, the Peruvian government brought to air Aprendo en Casa, or I Learn at Home – six hours of educational programming, every weekday.

The goal is to make the entirety of both the primary and secondary school curricula available to all students, including the millions without TV and internet access.

The Listening Post’s Meenakshi Ravi takes a look at Aprendo en Casa – the TV and radio platform that is schooling Peruvian kids during lockdown.


Ernesto Cortes – general manager, RPP Group

Diana Marchena – planning coordinator, Education Ministry of Peru

Víctor Zapata – Lima-based secondary school teacher

Fátima Saldonid – presenter, Aprendo en Casa & Broadcaster, TV Perú

Marlith Norabuena – rural school teacher

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49 thoughts on “The Conspiracy Virus: COVID-19 misinformation in the US | The Listening Post”

  1. answer this if Q is larp why is it the democrats destroying everything an not the Qanons
    Q tells everyone look it up yourself but democrats tell you to believe them so!

  2. mjgarrett9885ify

    The people kno it’s a man made virus . Professor Francis Boyle has the documentation as evidence ! Instead of finding out what is going on . They are more interested in destroying constitutional rights !

  3. simple answer: prove these conspiracies wrong! That is the simple answer. Open up economies and get people back to work. Allow people the right to move without a diaper over their faces. Abolish physical distancing. Do this? Then there will be some substantial proof there is nothing dirty going on.

  4. No there’s no economic benefit from us telling the truth. And they call us conspiracy theorist. The Bible calls us God’s children.

    We have nothing to gain from telling the truth.

    But they have trillions of dollars to lose by the truth getting out.

  5. This is the lie they are pushing. if you have not awakened yet this is the fake news and you have been duped. They will kill you all if you do not wake up NOW!

  6. This is a fact Covid 19 is real and those who call it a conspiracy are delusional. One question will prove this. When have all of the governments in all of the countries have been able to agree on anything. The answer is never.

  7. YOU’RE the misinformation as well as youtube. The whole point in that 6ft distancing is gonna be used to impose mandatory vaccines, which will ultimately weaken and kill us. Dope!

  8. Here’s some misinformation: Shutting down our economy is the best way to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. Crazy, I know. Japan had something like 1K reported casualties, no lockdown. Sweden took it on their chin with something like a 4% fatality rate, made their peace with the elderly, and did what was best for something INFINITELY more important.. the country that will sustain their children and grandchildren. In the USA, subhumans made it into a political issue and ruined our economy and are waging war against our culture. Can’t wait for 2021.

  9. Thanks youtube censorship. People click this for some truth. All this is is an attack on people who speak out against the CONTROL THRU FEAR VIRUS

  10. This channel should have no credibility after this. Bill gates has condemned himself out of his own mouth and he was expelled from India because of the adverse effects of a vaccine. Millions of dollars have been paid out by pharma companies for vaccine damage and these have been reported in the news media in the past. Check it out. Doctors in a number of countries have been protesting to their governments about the dangerous-to-good-health measures for dealing with the current situation. I will never watch anything put out by this channel again. Conspiracy theorists trying to discredit truth-tellers. What a travesty ,made up by the most ignorant dullards in journalism!

  11. So let me get this right…lost of misinformation about covid 19. People refuse to follow convid 19 norm despite there is a death evryday. Listen to some unknown expert saying covid 19 is fake and wearing mask can cause more problem then covid. Death of george floyd. Protest all over the country and the presedent of the country is DONALD TRUMP…yep Ameeica is on right path…..

  12. Try This: type ANY 3 numbers + "Covid Cases" into Google Search box. Read the title AND the body text and be amazed. AI LIVES!


  14. everyone is waking up. stop fighting back. you can’t hide the truth from us anymore. we are tired of being lied to. the fact that you guys make these videos to discredit people shows that you are hiding something. nobody fights back unless they got something to hide.

  15. A VACCINE AT LAST. As the last survivor pops his head up out of his underground bunker and looks around Mother Nature will murmur to herself that after all these years and seasons of sickness the new vaccine she has developed named COVID-19 might finally cure the Earth of all the misery and pain it has suffered and bring an end to the terrible symptoms such as climate change, air pollution, its seas full of plastic pollutants and its lands full of poisons and permanent scarring. Maybe the microbes and germs that have been causing this sickness will succumb to this new vaccine and the fast disappearing flora and fauna of her beautiful planet will now be once again allowed to live and thrive as the Earth begins to heal itself. Then as that last survivor finally breathes his last old Mother Nature will begin to feel a little better, but she knows the healing process will take some time, she has been around for millions of years and time is something she has no shortage of. Finally she takes a deep breath and says "Here is to a bright new future planet Earth, without those horrible humans".

  16. excuse me you’re forgetting something called a track record.
    the track record and what has come out of Bill gates’s mouth is the proof that what they want is eugenics. YOU are the problem.
    ask yourself who Bill Gates is funding. what this documentary is doing is debunking the facts.

  17. The fact that these people are afraid of what we say only proves us right. Because if they were being honest, they would not be trying to discredit all of us.

    That action shows they have something to hide.

  18. Do your own research. Fauci and Gates owns massive stock in Vaccine and mask companies. They are making Billion. And they are two of the biggest people pushing the issue of CoronaVirus.

  19. I object to the covid 19 irritation this is not the first time that face masks have been suggested nor the first time that abolishing coins has been either and they get both through at this time that’s no coincidence any one that observes history would quickly see that this generation is the perfect sucker to recieve and go for for all of the things that have been defeated up until now for this is the generation that thinks that remote controlled drones should have the power to take lives I dont condone the deaths of any of our american children however sending remote controlled death is beyond beneath the world’s empire now let’s get back to the Corona connection let’s start with humans aren’t designed to breathe through cloth of any kind it actually stifles us I can keep going if anyone cares to continue

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