The Complicated And Violent History Of The Balkans | Secrets of War | Timeline

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The Complicated And Violent History Of The Balkans | Secrets of War | Timeline

A look at the secret forces behind the strife throughout the Balkan States. From a single gunshot in Sarajevo that started WWI to the Nazi occupation in WWII, to “ethnic cleansing” and the war in Kosovo, this volatile region has long been a threat to the peace of Europe.

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45 thoughts on “The Complicated And Violent History Of The Balkans | Secrets of War | Timeline”

  1. ZETA PRESS - Zvanični kanal

    Totally misleading and standing by one side , no explanation whatsoever. They only stated the so called facts from main stream media, but they never got into as to how it even led to those events.
    Shiptars have more rights in Kosovo and Metohija then actual Serb.
    No paying taxes, faculty on Albanian language, shiptar tv, shiptar newspapers, and after all the are still not obeying Serbian government.
    They destroyed and vandalized Serbian Churches and Monestery’s 2004 ( again) after so many times in the past, some of the church is almost 1000 years old , ‘protected by Unesko’
    Serbia and Montenegro was first country’s to fight militant religious wariors in the world.
    I hope one day you will realize what the kind of missjudment Serbia had to endure.

    If you had realistically looked at the stated facts you’d seen that Serbia was the only true ally in ww1 and ww2 to UK and USA.

  2. 4D bullshit Patroll

    I dunno. I think this is coming soon to the West. A generation of groomed Psychopaths among the millennials has emerged.

  3. People everywhere are stupid. History is engorged with examples of opportunistic sociopaths stoking or contriving ethnic and nationalistic tensions for political gain. The playbook barely changes, because it usually works.

  4. MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs)

    They’re all the same people only divided by religion. Everybody has their own interpretation of god and are killing each other over it. Civil wars always seem to be the worst.

  5. stian nobelisto

    I remember when I lived in Switzerland, it was full of Albanians behaving bad, Serbs behaved civilised and was always nice

  6. Serbs have been fighting Islam for 1400 years protecting the western part of Europe, Serbs have always been orthodox Christians.

  7. I am Albanian I see Albania as a death culture because of the rulers know nothing about love and compassion. people are uneducated to come together in truth and Common Sense which Jesus let us into . uneducated people are kind and giving but being kind and a giver can be cursed as well because they can be against themselves and people around them. Yugoslavia has a state religion 2 I don’t know much about them I hope they come to know Jesus truth life and the way. in truth and life in Jesus Christ we should all make peace and live in peace. and Away with religion and state religion …… in Matthew 5 the meek shall inherit the earth so it’s not going to be the albanians the serbs or USA Russia China. it’s not going to be the state religions. only the meek, the pure should see God…, well inherited the Earth…… seek your own salvation with fear and trembling .Philippines 2:12-13 Romans 8:36

  8. Some outdated information… Some has come to light since this documentary was made.. Such has the gun running by the Red Cross, which the Serbs discovered… It was "briefly" on the news and quickly disappeared, as soon as it appeared.

    Bombing on Belgrade, was illegal and lot of innocent people died. Just look around youTube and find one by Charles Cather, talks about it. He’s an American.

    A lot got buried. One day, more will come to light, hopefully. And I don’t like this documentary and I truly hate Tito (my viewpoint).

    Balkans will always be a "hot" topic. One thing we ALL can agree on, is everyone’s hospitality in the region. That’s one undeniable fact.

  9. From a Twisted Mind

    What is it with the uploading videos and making them not available in the UK, particularly when the content of said video was BROADCAST in the UK??
    And unsubscribed.

  10. Ernesto Juárez

    Interesting but when I saw it was narrated by that White Supremacist Klansman, Charlton Heston, I couldn’t continue.

  11. Timestamp 40:40
    That looks like a staged falseflag to me.
    Dude with his chest "open" .. hardly any blood.
    2 days later NATO bombs.

  12. Daniel Hartnett

    Right when I’m starting to dive into Baltic history. Can’t wait to watch, always have quality documentaries.

  13. "Complicated" is an understatement. I had to watch it a couple of times but there’s alot we can all learn from these conflicts

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