Solar Cooking for Home & Camp: How to Make and Use a Solar Cooker

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    Quickly toss together the ingredients for Cashew Curry, place it in the solar cooker, point the cooker to the midday sun, and head to work. You’ll come home to a ready-to-eat hot meal. Solar cooking is a simple and easy way to prepare a meal without heating up the kitchen, simply by using the sun’s heat.

    Perfect for dishes requiring delicate cooking like Cheese Strata and Solar Baked Custard, and fish cooks up moist. Eliminate parboiling and marinating–it’s done all in one step.

  • Make your own solar box or folding panel cooker
  • Easy recipes that can be made with little preparation at home or in camp
  • Side dishes and snacks, soups, stews, chilies, fish and seafood, casseroles, pasta, and baked goods

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