Pretty Sure This Guy Isn’t a Real Sensei – Key & Peele

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– action. – hey, have you ever found yourself in high point, north carolina, and not feeling safe? come on down to doug duggart’s brazilian jiu jitsu. you will learn to tackle and grapple, and– like a ultimate fighting pro. at my studio, you get hands-on training, and individual attention. so hut! hut! tackle and grapple. take on multiple enemies. this is a tackle. that’s a grapple. this is a tackle. that’s a grapple. get–there we go. tackle and grapple! all ages, learn to protect yourself and your loved ones. there are many different levels. there’s the beginner level, and if you pass my private one-on-one sensei trial, you may make it into the advanced class. tackle and grapple! doug duggart’s brazilian jiu jitsu at the high point mini mall. just east of the pizza barn two doors down from carl’s discount wheels and furniture. so–quick tackle! get down. no, stay–stay away.

special discounts for college students. s–mm, move it. get your leg back. put your leg back there. .

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