Perfect Smile Veneers Review

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Can you get a fifteen dollar pair of veneers to provide the cosmetic solution to your dental problems? That’s what Perfect Smile Veneers claims, and that’s we’re going to find out in today’s review of Perfect Smile Veneers. Perfect Smile Veneers work like a night guard. You boil them in water, you press them into your teeth to get an impression, drop it in cold water to solidify it and then you have what they claim is going to be a million-dollar smile.

So the first step of Perfect Smile Veneers is to put it in boiling water. I got water warming up on the stove and after that, mold it to your teeth, put it in cold water and it’s ready to go. While I’m waiting for the water to boil there are quite a few disclaimers on this. First of all it’s not a dental device. It is for appearance only. It also says you can’t smoke, use hot beverages, eat, sleep, use it as a mouthguard, wear it more than 8 hours at a time, wear during sports, or use it while sleeping.

It’s a custom fit and only three easy steps. I found Perfect Smile Veneers marked down in the clearance section at Target for about 5 bucks. It’s still on sale in some stores for about fifteen dollars. Alright the water’s boiling. Now I’m going to drop in the Perfect Smile Veneer. It’s got about a minute left and it is boiling away. After it’s done boiling I’m supposed to remove it, let it wait 10-15 seconds and then I’m supposed to press it into my teeth. Here we go. Now you’re supposed to put it in a glass of cold water. Kind of got little chunks of that in my mouth. I’m not sure if that’s the way it’s supposed to be or not. It also doesn’t tell you how long to put it in the cool water so I’m just going to guess. That’s what I’m seeing right now. I’m not really sure if thats right or not. Let’s see what happens here. OK it’s now conformed hopefully to my particular bite and I’m going to stick it in there and see what happens.

It’s not really sticking. I’ve got like this piece hanging right there which seems to be kind of the way. I don’t think that how it’s really supposed to look. They say if it doesn’t work you have to redo it. I’m going to redo it because I’m, I can’t even get it to fit in my mouth. Well the first try was a little disappointing so it’s back in boiling water for another two minutes. I’m going to try to re-position it and hopefully I don’t get those kind of fly away pieces I did last time, and maybe I’ll get my perfect smile this time. Let’s try for Take 2. How’s this look? Do I sound natural? Alright back in cold water it goes. I got a piece right there. Looks like I got like a… elongated tooth. Look at that. I didn’t see that coming. I’m gonna try it a third time and see if I can get it right this time. Third time’s a charm. I have a good feeling about this third time because I know what to do. I’ve done it twice already.

I’m getting good at this. Here we go. I hope it’s straight. I think it is. They don’t really tell you how long to leave it in your before you take it out and put it in cold water. What do you think? How natural does that look? And here it is: my natural white smile. Look at this. You can kind of see top top right there. That’s not good. If you keep your lip down over it, it looks pretty cool. I think. Let’s see what they think about this. I’m getting a reaction here. “Oh my goodness.” What do you… what do you guys think? How natural is my smile right now? “Not really.” No? I’m not pretty? “No.” Well so far the consensus is not very positive on Perfect Smile Teeth. I mean I guess it’s better than having, if you had a lot of missing teeth or if you have some severe dental problems it might be better than having that show through, but the reaction I’m getting is more shock because the teeth are kind of small themselves but they protrude as if they’re large so it’s a bit unusual as far as how they look.

Plus they’re touching my bottom lip like this and my speech… my S’s are little bit odd sounding. It feels kind of like those those novelty vampire teeth you put your mouth when you’re a kid. That’s kind of how it feels to talk in these. It also kind of changes your appearance. That’s strange. I have a tendency to leave my mouth open because I’m having like pucker when I close my mouth, so I leave my mouth like this. I had an entire video shot, edited, and uploaded ready to publish and then I realize at the last minute that this probably isn’t the type of product that I should have too much fun with because there are people out there who have serious problems and they’re looking for an answer, and this is something they’re considering and they don’t want to be ridiculed for that. So that maybe go back to drawing board a bit and maybe re-edit the video and insert a few new comments along the way because I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I’m making fun of them.

That said, Perfect Smile Veneers does look ridiculous and it’s going to get ridiculed because it looks like you’re wearing a dollar store novelty set of false teeth. I realize that there’s some people out there that are looking for an inexpensive solution to their dental problems but I really don’t think this is it. It doesn’t look realistic, it doesn’t work very well, the gums are bright red, they look like you have inflamed gums, and in my case I have kind of gummy smile. You can see the top of it when I smile. I’m not one to have fun at the expense of others as far as dental problems go. I’ve had my share of dental problems. I’m actually a regular my dentist’s office because I have problems that I continue to have to address. So I’m not one to ridicule those who have dental problems. I’m just saying that you’re taking a dental problem, a cosmetic problem, and you’re replacing it with an equally or worse cosmetic problem when you put fake looking teeth in your mouth. I realize you’re looking for a solution, but you might want to keep looking because Perfect Smile Veneers is not a perfect solution.

I can only give you my opinion of Perfect Smile Veneers based on my use of it, and to me they look kinda like novelty teeth. They don’t really look like a real pair of veneers that would you would use to enhance your appearance, except for in extreme cases. On the other hand there probably are extreme cases where this would be better than the alternative. In my case, I wouldn’t use them. The reaction I’m getting here is in between shock and ridicule. If you’ve used Perfect Smile Veneers, let me know what you think in the comments below, because you might have a completely different experience than I do. And if you like this video I’d appreciate a subscribe so I can continue to bring you As Seen on TV product reviews in the future. Until next time this is James White with Freakin’ Reviews. Thank you. .

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