Negative and Positive Ions – How it Affects Our Health

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An atom or a molecule (a group of atoms) with more positive electrons than negative carries a positive charge. When there is an extra negative electron it has a negative charge. We call these positive and negative ions. Positively charged ions do not have a positive effect on our physical and mental health. They are associated with an increase in allergies, infections, lethargy, depression, anxiety, suicide, and more. Negatively charged ions have a positive effect. They elevate our mood by increasing serotonin levels, they help stabilize blood pressure, increase the body’s alkalinity, strengthen bones, heighten immunity, accelerate physical recovery, they purify and clean the air, and more. Obviously, it is in our best interest to increase our exposure to negative ions. But how can we do this? Spend more time outside. Negatively charged ions are abundant in nature with the highest concentrations forming near moving water and old growth forests. Have you ever noticed how you feel when you sit near a waterfall or walk along the beach? What about when you stand in a forest or stroll through a lush garden? You breathe in that fresh, clean air and you feel energized yet calm, alive, vibrant, refreshed.

Positively charged ions concentrate indoors. Electromagnetic fields, fluorescent lights, carpet, metal, plastics, and air pollution all increase the number of positive ions in an environment. Your first defense is to open the windows to fresh air! The next? Get rid of those fluorescent light bulbs! While you’re at it, toss the microwave. While most of us will not give up our modern electrical conveniences, we can limit our exposure by turning off electronics that are not in use and by shutting it down at night. Turn off your “instant on” appliances. Yes, unplugging them and plugging them in again is a hassle. Why not plug them into a surge protector so you can just flip the switch? Cell phones are great when you’re out and about, but many of us have done away with our landlines and use our cell phones exclusively.

If you or a family member spends lots of time on the phone, consider the benefits of maintaining a landline. More evidence is mounting that links brain cancer to extensive cell phone use, especially when usage begins in the teen years. In addition to stopping some of the electronic pollution at its source, you can invest in ways to produce negative ions in your home. How can we increase negative ions on the home? Open windows, eliminate carpet, buy an all-natural mattress, set up an indoor waterfall, use salt lamps, or try a negative ion generator.

We recommend utilizing all of these options. Increase your exposure to negative ions and start grounding (or earthing) each day as well, and your body will thank you! .

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