Libman Wonder Mop (2 Pack)

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Product Features

    Price: $28.80
    (as of 12/04/2020 11:09 UTC - Details)

    Product Description

    The Libman Wonder Mop has been designed with a superior ability to clean while efficiently managing water and preventing bacterial growth, so you can get your home as clean as possible. Extra wide microfiber strips help it to pick up more dirt than standard mops, making it an ideal solution to your cleaning needs. To manage moisture, it is made with a patented wringer sleeve that locks in place while deep grooves and holes allow water to drain quickly. The Libman mop is even fitted with a steel handle that has a hanger hole, making it easy to store when not being used. This absorbent ceramic tile mop is suitable for hard-surfaced floors including laminate, vinyl, marble and stone so you have versatility in where you use it at. The slim handle is simple to grip as you work too for comfort. This Libman Wonder Mop is lightweight, so you can move it around the floor smoothly.

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