Hurricane Spin Scrubber vs Turbo Scrub

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Turbo Scrub! Hurricane Spin Scrubber! No bending. No hard work. The only bathroom scrubber you’ll ever need. I’ve reviewed both of these products individually, the Turbo Scrub and the Hurricane Spin Scrubber, and to me they both performed excellently. At first glance they are so similar it would be easy to confuse them. In fact I have to kind of remind myself that Turbo Scrub has gray trim and Hurricane Spin Scrubber has blue trim.

They each come with a dome brush, a flat brush, and a cone brush. They also each come with an extension wand. If you didn’t see my review for the two products let me give you a quick recap of how they did with the bathtub, a sink, and the tile on the floor, and what you’ll find is that they performed almost identically. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber has a larger flat brush than the Turbo Scrub but other than that, there are very few differences visually between the two of them. The one test I did perform side-by-side was that of a battery test. I charged them both fully and I wanted to see how long it would take each of them to go dead while running side-by-side and the brushes not touching any surface. As you’ll see one did outperform the other. I thought that a good test of the Turbo Scrub and Hurricane Spin Scrubber would be to completely charge them and then turn them on and see how long they both last on a full charge.

So I’ve got the Turbo Scrub the Hurricane Spin Scrubber. I’m going to turn them on and set the timer and see how long they both last. Here we go. I’m at the 15-minute mark and they’re both still going strong, so – so far, so good. We have a clear winner. At 44 minutes the Hurricane Spin Scrubber ran out of gas. Turbo Scrub scrub is still going strong and we’ll see how long it goes, but as far as the head-to-head competition for the battery, the Turbo Scrub has won that battle.

While the Hurricane Spin Scrubber was a respectable 44 minutes, Turbo Scrub lasted an hour and 22 minutes. Clearly a better battery in Turbo Scrub. No contest here, give the battery victory to Turbo Scrub. So how I choose between the Turbo Scrub and Hurricane Spin Scrubber? To me it comes down to what’s underneath the hood: the type of battery used in each one. The Turbo Scrub uses the nickel metal hydride or ni-mh battery while the Hurricane Spin Scrubber use a NiCad battery. In my opinion the ni-mh battery is superior to a NiCad battery. In fact it looks like originally the Turbo Scrub was going to use a NiCad battery. My original screenshot in my written review of the product shows a NiCad battery. That was since removed and the instructions do now confirm that it’s an NiMh battery in Turbo Scrub which I think was a good move on their part because ni-mh batteries are superior in my opinion to NiCad batteries for this product. It charges faster: two hours versus eight hours, and in my test it lasted significantly longer in expending its energy than the Hurricane Spin Scrubber.

I think that both of these products do an excellent job and you really can’t go wrong with either one. To me the difference comes down to the battery and in my opinion the Turbo Scrub has a superior battery to that of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber. So in my head to head comparison I give the advantage to Turbo Scrub. Anthony Sullivan would be proud. .

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