History Classics: Ancient Discoveries: War in the Ancient World [DVD]

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Product Description

Each episode of ANCIENT DISCOVERIES: WAR IN THE ANCIENT WORLD explores ancient inventions and engineering that were previously believed to have been created only in modern times. Included in this special collection: the extraordinary ingenuity of the engineers who created some of the largest and most fearsome navies of the ancient world; the basic technologies discovered by ancient civilizations that led to the creation of the tank hundreds – maybe even thousands – of years ago; the mysteries of history’s special agents from Japanese ninja assassins to the Italian genius who wrote secret messages on the inside of eggs; an investigation of the ancient world’s naval technology including lethal grenades, covert attack equipment and toxic biological warfare. Military innovation is consistently at the cutting edge of technological advances, from apocalyptic skyscraper siege machines to ancient landmines and flamethrowers, most of today’s lethal weapons owe their origins to the inventors of the ancient world. Battle through storms snowdrifts to the world’s earliest known ski commandos, journey to Egypt to see how a tiny army beat off a major invasion force using farm animals and find out how the simple stirrup changed the entire course of history. Experts and archaeological digs reveal new evidence into these inventions – inventions which will be then be reconstructed.


  • DISC 1: Ancient Chinese Super Ships / Ancient Tank Tech
  • DISC 2: Ancient Secret Agents / Ancient Special Forces
  • DISC 3: Ancient Super Navies / Ancient Mega Fort
  • DISC 4: Ancient Death Machines / Ancient Commandos

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