Everything and Nothing: What is Nothing? (Jim Al-Khalili) | Science Documentary | Science

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Everything and Nothing: What is Nothing? (Jim Al-Khalili) | Science Documentary | Science

Two-part documentary which deals with two of the deepest questions there are – what is everything, and what is nothing?

In two epic, surreal and mind-expanding films, Professor Jim Al-Khalili searches for an answer to these questions as he explores the true size and shape of the universe and delves into the amazing science behind apparent nothingness.

The second part, Nothing, explores science at the very limits of human perception, where we now understand the deepest mysteries of the universe lie. Jim sets out to answer one very simple question – what is nothing? His journey ends with perhaps the most profound insight about reality that humanity has ever made. Everything came from nothing. The quantum world of the super small shaped the vast universe we inhabit today, and Jim can prove it.

Professor Jim Al-Khalili explores the true size and shape of the universe and delves into the amazing science behind apparent nothingness.

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49 thoughts on “Everything and Nothing: What is Nothing? (Jim Al-Khalili) | Science Documentary | Science”

  1. I have NO WORDS for this documentary,
    such a difficult to understand matter has been conveyed in such a simple manner.
    This video is EXACTLY a
    SCIENTIFICO-SPIRITUAL fact about our universe,
    it is very rightly said at the end of the video, that, WE COME FROM NOTHING AND WE GO BACK TO INFINITY,
    || OM ||

  2. Aldred Emmans

    If light leaves the sun at a constant speed it would have infinite energy because the sun is spherical. Hence light slows down with distance.

  3. Oh my goodness. True nothingness has no properties. Even if the type of nothingness existed before the universe then you would have to answer what caused the nothingness with such properties to exist.

  4. This video makes the same mistake that Lawrence Krause’s, "A Universe From Nothing" makes: they both equate empty space with "nothing". Empty space; the "vacuum" is NOT "nothing", as "nothing" does not exist. In fact, the reason why the universe DOES exist is that there IS no such thing as, "nothing": existence is the "default-state" of reality; there is no alternative. They speak of electron-positron pairs "borrowing" energy from the vacuum and then "returning" it when they annihilate each other. However, ir the vacuum is, "nothing", what is there to borrow energy FROM? Empty space is REAL, just as real as anything else that exists: it can be measured (in fact, without empty "space" to relate to, there’d be no way to "measure" any material thing); it can have characteristics- "tight" spaces, "hot" spaces, "dark" spaces, etc. In a sense, it’s simply a different "type" of matter, and there’s more of it in our universe than anything else.
    The implications of this understanding are enormous: (1) The universe is eternal, whether it be in the form of a budding, "multiverse" or an endlessly expanding and collapsing single universe (the ancient Hindus got it right when they asked, "How can anything that does NOT exist ever come into existence, and how can anything that DOES exist, ever cease to be?"). (2) The universe being, "uncaused", there is no necessity for a "creator-God", although one may choose to call "God" that which controls conditions and events: whatever that may be, it was manifested along WITH this place; it did not precede it.

  5. "Nothing" lacks a proper scientific definition. Is "nothing" simply the absence of matter? But, then what of energy? Further, what about the "forces" and "fields" that, beyond matter and energy, is the study of physics. The video does imply the definition has been changing over history. Yet, the definition remains limited to theory. The medium of aether may exist, but may be the "field" that carries, for one, the Higg’s boson. It, therefore, would not be nothing but be something that scientists have not yet been able to explain. Michelson and Morley’s experiment did not disprove the existence of aether, but only that its hypothetical existence did not have a contemporary measurable affect on what was known of the nature and properties of matter and energy particles.

  6. hopethisworks1212

    This man is not a real scientist. He is equivalent to the current political SAGE group over covid. His masters told him to support nuclear power stations even if it involves lying. Here is an expose. Obviously everything he said has since been proved to be nonsense. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-4YJfwF1MQ

  7. Paddy Mcdoogle

    Everything and Nothing, Time and Space, Measurements and Infinity…Just opt off of thinking of materialism and you get immaterialism.

  8. the empty space in our room the emtpy space in the universe which is made out of nothingness. I really can’t picture a imaginary god with a beard outside of the emtpy space that just does not work.

  9. Calling air nothingness is like calling any gas nothingness. It, like space is a type of nothingness as you say. But, it is not truly nothing.


    Absolutely brilliant !!!! The commentary, the images, the meaning, the narrative arc… perfect all !

  11. What is nothing? Everything is nothing or Nothing has no power. Nothing is actually infinite. Listen to me…I know nothing. LOL Nothing is going to defeat everything unless it is everything. Nothing will hurt you fear "nothing" I love nothing. Aren’t you glad it is actually everything. Nothing is going to confuse you.

  12. Gisli Ingvarsson

    Atheists have been right about God all the time. God isn’t and there for representing nothing. And from this nothing comes the Universe and all Creation. Scientific theory of late modernity are empty of philosophy and can’t grasp that they are caught up in their own tautology.

  13. Frank Nederhand

    But why doesn’t the big bang happen all the time then? Creating another universe? I understand they showed how the phenomenon of virtual particles in a vacuum create gravity to move an electron orbiting an atom just slightly. So virtual particles explain the big bang? That’s stretching it. It explains matter out of nothing but it really doesn’t explain why we had so many virtual particles all at once to say a billionth of all the particles created the universe. Why hasn’t this phenomenon happened again?

  14. Mehran Mossaddad

    Does nothing mean something that is out of the range of our perceptions? We are looking for aliens when they are here, come and go but out of the senses. Tell me do we exist to microbial life, how do they see us, how would they communicate with us, how do they preserve their universe, time and space? They are all here just on another level.

  15. diamondparadigm



    Below, Joshua Veltman writes : ""What is nothing?" is a senseless question. "Nothing" cannot be a what. By definition, it can only be the absence of a what." Sounds perfect, until you realize that a word can hold exactly anything we want it to hold. In this way, there is no senseless question per se. A senseless question is, for example, to ask "what colour are camels in the jungle" when you want to determine how long you should heat an egg to make it soft-boiled. Sense is always context-dependent.
    What’s more, Veltman kills his own criticism by immediately providing a "definition". Thereby instantly proving my point. A little philosophy is good… but a lot of it is better.

  17. Hansmeister Schulz

    "We don’t actually believe that something can come from nothing! For instance we don’t consider that a rhino is going to mysteriously appear in your bedroom and defecate on your pillow"- Dr. Frank Turek; God spoke it, enough said

  18. There sure a lot of complex rules for something that came from nothing. Perhaps it then came from something.

  19. Lawrence Krauss should have named his book "Nothing Ain’t What it Used To Be." He didn’t really redefine "nothing" but perhaps showed that "nothing" may not exist in a purely practical way. Maybe "nothing" is now only meaningful as a concept or a metaphor.

  20. If you remove evrything that you possibly can from that box, space would still remain, and that is not nothing, but empty space. "Nothing is what a rock is dreaming about", nothing is what you experience after your death (if there is no afterlife or soul of course). From that exact Nothing, a Universe came to be, without any intervention, according to Krauss. How nothing interacts with itself? How can you get any result other then 0 from an equation with no other elements then 0?


  22. Gustavo Pomar

    Probably now men will understand a bit more why the God of the Bible says that He created this world out of nothing.

  23. Anthony Davidson

    cool music & great cinematography can’t make up for the fact that you are going nowhere with a question like this until you admit the possibility that the physical world is a manifestation of a spiritual truth…

  24. you can not get something from nothing.just like life begat’s life.you can not start or create life without life.god damn newtonian,darwinistic liberal bullshit so called science.

  25. Science is becoming too much like religion and this video is just over-flowing with nonsense. Its being overrun by theories and theories based upon theories that cannot be proven and require faith that it is true…and all created to try to figure out what we do not know.
    Just like invisible men in the sky that see all and know all.
    Science is now trying so hard to explain things it says things like "there’s enough energy in the box" while also saying the box is empty. They say "Particles are coming from nothing" when science proves that its coming from energy…the say this to form a narrative they need in the moment so their false theory makes sense…just like religion does.

  26. Uh, oh more scientific magic. This is funny, an intellectual has difficulty explaining nothing.

    Actually, that empty space is neutral energy. Space is not simply nothing, it is imperfectly nothing and an imperfect vacuum.

    Wow, I did not know nature could think for itself to abhor anything.

  27. How is it weird that you cannot make or cause nothingness while inside the something of the universe. That makes no sense. Nothingness could never be inside anything. Dah!

  28. Phil Shockley

    If nothing existed it would not even be a concept. Nothing can not have anything. That includes mechanism, dimension, neighbors, potential nor a topic for discussion.

  29. Nothingness has no energy, force, charge, fields, time, boundary, temperature, light nor color. That does not exist within something. Also, something cannot come from nothing because it has no catalyst.

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