Epi Smooth Review: A $10 Epilator?

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Epi Smooth is a ten-dollar epilator marketed to women. Now obviously it’s not something that I’m going to use. I’m going to get some help and see how this thing works. Epilators look like an electric razor but instead of cutting the hair off they actually pull it out. To use Epi Smooth all you do is use it like you would with an electric razor. You just hold it a 90 degree angle and you move it along your skin.

Now unlike a razor this thing is going to kind of hurt because it’s actually pulling the hairs out. You’re supposed to use it for hairs that are no longer than about a centimeter which is about .4 inches, and it takes about 30 seconds to treat any individual area but once you’ve treated it, when you use an epilator that hair won’t grow back, ideally, for a couple of weeks. If you look at the head here there’s only one row. Most epilators that I’ve seen have multiple rows. A lot of epilators have multiple speeds. This one has one speed. There are also wet-dry epilators but this one can only be used dry. But hey it’s only ten dollars so maybe it’s worth the trade-off to get an epilator with a few features missing for only ten bucks. If you want a full-featured epilator you’re going to be paying 45 to 150 bucks so let’s see if this ten dollar epilator works. Because this is primarily marketed toward women I wanted to try it on a woman’s arm first and here’s what happened.

Next up we tried to patch on her thigh where she doesn’t usually shave so the hairs are a little bit longer and here’s what happened. I mean there is a clear patch there. I mean I do see a slight difference. It’s not as impressive as I probably would hope to have seen. I do see…I see a little bit of a change between before and after. Why don’t we keep trying to see what happens. I mean there’s a spot here that smoother but not completely hairless, and we spent a couple of minutes trying to treat that one spot. There are hairs in there. Epi Smooth takes two AAA batteries that go in the back here. There’s a cover here that you can remove when you want to clean it out. I found Epi Smooth at a Kmart for about 10 bucks. So we weren’t really very impressed with the results on the first attempt so I figured I would try it myself and do an area of my hand and I shaved it down with a razor so that the hairs weren’t very long and here’s what happened there.

It seems to me like Epi Smooth with only one tweezer row is going to take a lot longer than other epilators that have a whole row of rotating tweezers. I also wasn’t very impressed with the results I was able to get on several different skin types and hair types so it’s going to be a really slow process. On the other hand, if you want to get into epilators and only want to spend ten bucks, I guess this could be a viable option. Just be prepared to spend a lot more time than you would with other products like this. So what do you think of Epi Smooth? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Please subscribe for more As Seen on TV product reviews from me James White with Freakin’ Reviews. you .

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