How Clever is the Clever Cutter – Product Review

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Hi!, today I’m trying out another food preparation device today. It’s the clever cutter, this is a little cutting board and blade in one. It lets you cut any variety of foods, it’s just one hand and it’s kind of like a knife and cutting board but also kind of like a big pair of scissors.

Let’s see if it can be delicate enough to cut through some Shortcake without smashing it flat, but strong enough to cut through some tough fruit and vegetables. I picked this up a year ago from their website but I see you can get it now at Target and other stores locally for about 15 dollars, you can find out more about it at the link down below this article.

Now I ordered this about a year ago but never got to run through a viewing it because I hoped my daughter Bernadette would do the video with me since she has the deal with just one hand working. I thought this would be a great kitchen appliance for her but I can’t get her to sit down and do the video so I’m going to see how it works and I’ll recommend it to her if it seems like something that would help her out.

Okay, so there’s a safety catch here to keep it closed they warn you in the instruction that’s very sharp you watch don’t get fingers or other things in underneath of the blade. One thing I really like about though is it says you can put it in the dishwasher, so okay we pull the thing back. I wonder if you can do all this with just one hand, I should try that too. So there we go, they do also say don’t try to cut anything bigger than the opening of the clever cutters so like I should be out trimming the hedges with this.

The mechanism makes it so, it stops just before the blade hits the cutting board unless you could really squeeze it. I guess that’s because you don’t want it constantly hitting that plastic surface or it might dull it. They also included a peeler in my order but I think that’s because I ordered it long ago online. All right, well that’s the mechanism and then you put it like that, this would be hard to do with one hand. To keep it safe, let’s start out with fruit and vegetables, and see if it doubles it down any, and then see how it does on some leftover shortcake from Easter.

Let’s start with the cucumber, I’m used to slicing them up at night find a cutting board and see if this can do it more neatly and by the way I do have a question for those of you out there who are more knowledgeable about cooking and food preparation than me, seems to me that in the US you always peel a cucumber first before you serve it to people but I know that,  in other places I’ve lived they leave like strips of it on to make it colorful and so forth, what’s the actual story on this, do we in American peel cucumbers before slicing or not.

All right so usually we also cut off the ends and throw it away. I’m going to try to cut off just that much. Was cutting real nice. Well that wasn’t bad at all, okay, go for some thin slices here yeah that last little bit doesn’t cut unless you really put the pressure on. I can slice it fairly thin this isn’t too bad I think those people who have the cooking degrees who can go chop chop chop really fast on the cutting board might get through a few cumber faster than this, yeah! that worked pretty well.

Next up, is something that requires a little more delicate touch of tomato if you don’t want to smoosh it, it needs to be very sharp and cut through it nicely, let’s see if that will happen. Cut off the top here first yeah still pretty sharp edge that’s good for thin slice yeah, I’m just having problems with that last little bit where it doesn’t hit the cutting board keep the fingers back. Okay, I’m still liking it, now here’s a purple potato, I don’t usually buy purple potatoes, so somebody else bought this. I don’t know how long ago but it feels pretty tough. It should be a good test of the cutting strength of the clever cutter, so let’s see if we can cut off about a quarter of the potato here. Oh yeah! Nice! had no problem with stale I have a very aligned slice. I also found in the crisper of the refrigerator that I think it was George Carlin that said it shouldn’t be called a crisper to be called a Rotter because that’s what fruit and vegetables go. There, to do, try to cut this line in half here we go. Oh I’m going to spray this in my face, it’s slippery I don’t want to get my fingers and I can smell the lime already, hmm.. I think it’s a lime, okay try this way, what two hands why is this so hard to cook oh it must be the rind it’s just giving it a hard time, or it’s going to explode with lime throughout the room, oh all right that has defeated the clever cutter hmmmm…

Let’s get back on track with an Apple Golden Delicious. I’m not sure how I would cut it with this, let’s just cut from the side I suppose, well that’s a different way to prepare an apple but it does cut it fine I thought this was shortcake, I was incorrect this is angel food cake, they’re putting to the label on top I know shortbread, there is actually someone waiting out from the living room, for a little piece of this so let’s see if I can cut a little piece of it. I’m just going to pick it up, all right here we go oh it’s squishing it’s squishing, not too bad but there was a lot of initial squishes there, it bounce right back yeah it cuts nice and smoothly nice and evenly and it ended up with no permanent squishing of the angel food cake. Those turned out pretty nice so for mini pizzas not bad like just cutting a straight line I’d be alright, here we go well the clever cutter did cut everything I expected it to. That lime I don’t know, I guess the question is what purpose does this serve other than having a cutting board, and tonight I feel more in control with a cutting board and a knife than with this because I have to hold whatever it is that I’m cutting. Near here is it makes me a little paranoid for my fingers again the clever cutter goes about $15 you can probably find it in your local store it’s not I’ll have a link to it down below this article.

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