Clear TV Key Review Put to the Test

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Can Clear TV Key really help you bypass cable and satellite bills? Let’s check it out in today’s review. I wasn’t originally going to do a Clear TV Key review because it’s kind of an old product, but I kind of caught up with all the recent products I want to update and I still get requests for it from readers on, so here we go. Clear TV is advertised as a way to bypass your cable and your satellite providers. It’s a follow-up to the original Clear TV which came out about four years ago.

And how do you bypass your cable and satellite providers? It’s a television antenna. Alright so I’ve got a nice connection here and it does clear the area i’m looking in so i’m just going to attach that It’s that simple. See it does this sometimes when the signal isn’t very strong. It breaks up, it pauses and it continutes to play. On some of the channels I’m noticing that happening. See here’s another one. SBN signal’s weak. It keeps breaking up. Three in a row the signal is weak.

That’s a strong signal. The CW. Looks really good too. Another good signal. Hey my buddies at Copper Fit. Paid programming, gotta love it. Gotta love infomercials. I mean so as you can see the channels… we have about 55 channels here in the Las Vegas Valley. That’s quite, that’s quite good, but it’s kind of a hodgepodge. Some don’t come in well, there’s foreign language stationss there’s some kind of stations nobody would really want to watch.

I saw some stuff I would never turn to. A lot of paid programming but there’s some decent stuff out there especially for free but on the other hand you can get the same stuff with any television antenna so it’s not like Clear TV Key really gives you anything that other television antennas don’t. If you live in a market that doesn’t have a lot of over the air broadcast stations you’re kind of limited. Vegas is a big city. They got a lot of stations, so we actually have pretty good choices here. There’s one kind of important step that some people skip and that’s using the auto scan feature of your television to look for channels.

One problem is that your channels that you think might be a certain place are somewhere else. Like channel 3 could be at channel 103 or 3.1, so it’s really kind of an important step to have your television scan for channels so it can set them up for you. Clear TV Key doesn’t give you anything that a regular television doesn’t. It doesn’t access any exclusive HD channels. It’s a regular television antenna but unlike other antennas this one actually attaches directly into the TV.

There’s no wires so it’s more discreet. If you have a wall-mounted TV you might want to make sure there’s enough room because it does protrude out a little bit and make sure you have enough room for clearance. In urban areas like Las Vegas there’s quite a few channels. I think my one TV that I attached it to had 50. In rural areas you might get 0. You might get 2.

So it really depends on what’s broadcasting over the airways in your area. For my next test I’m going to try to do it on a mounted television set. So let me check back here and see what kind of room I have and let me see if I can actually get the Clear TV Key behind the television set while still clearing the wall. First thing to find out is if it even fits back here. Let’s see if I can even pull this off. I might be able to do this without taking the TV off the wall. Oh I was able to sneak it back there without even having to take it off the wall, so now I’ve got to get my channels set up and see how it looks. Alright so I got my Atomic Beam Headlight and Dial Vision Glasses combo because it’s kind of hard to see back there so here we go. The placement of the Clear TV Key also can play a difference. I’ve put in two TV’s so far.

The first television I attached it to in my living room, which is near a window, it found 50 channels. This one in the bedroom back here it only found 17 so even just in the same house you can find a large difference between the channels that are available using Clear TV Key and any television antenna. The big question though is what will you not get with Clear TV Key. You won’t get cable only channels. You won’t get CNN, ESPN, Fox News, Discovery Channel, History Channel. You won’t get USA Network. You’ll only get what’s broadcasting in your area. Alright so we’re going to try Clear TV Key on television number three, and this is the TV on which it’s going to stay so when I do an update it’s going to be from this television set so let’s see how it goes. There’s the input right there.

Alright there it is. Alright it’s in place. So the next thing I gotta do is scan the channels and then it should work. Maybe it’s only 32. So now… So it looks like television number three programmed about 32 channels and the ones that come in well look really good. What do you know, there’s a television commercial for Free TV key which is how Clear TV was originally marketed. This is on a spanish-language station. That’s kind of funny. Clear TV Key should attach to most televisions directly in the cable/antenna input. If your television is older than about 2007, you might have to get a converter box to pick up digital signals in your area. Does Clear TV Key provide a better picture than cable and satellite? If you get a good signal, yes it can, because it’s an uncompressed signal. Then again, if your signal is kind of weak that might offset the benefit of the improved picture because you have a choppy picture.

If you have realistic expectations and you know that this is just a television antenna, Clear TV Key may work for you. If you’re expecting to get some sort of exclusive channels or cable channels, you might be disappointed. Have you used Clear TV Key? What do you think about it? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Please subscribe for more As Seen on TV product reviews from me, James White, with Freakin’ Reviews. .

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