Better Brella the Inverted Umbrella Review

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Better Brella is advertised as a reverse technology umbrella that opens and closes in the reverse direction making it a better umbrella, but is it really? That’s what I’m going to find out in my review of Better Brella. So I’ve got my “better” umbrella here and it’s raining here in Las Vegas today so I’m gonna give it a try see how it works. OK. Well at this point it feels just like a regular umbrella. I don’t feel any difference because as you can see it pretty much operates like a regular umbrella. When you close it and the water on top of the umbrella won’t run off on your floor it’ll stay trapped inside. So I’m gonna go back inside and see how well it works. But first I’m gonna get nice and wet. Alright. I’m standing underneath my house where there’s a lot of water running off so I have a significant amount of water going onto the better umbrella.

So now that it’s nice and wet I’m gonna go inside and see how it works. Alright I just stepped out of the rain. And now for the moment of truth. OK so all the water is trapped inside here so it’s not dripping onto the floor. I’m going to turn it over on the floor and see how much comes out. So that’s how much would have probably dropped off a regular umbrella anyways. Obviously you wouldn’t turn it over on the floor normally, but I wanted to show how much water was held inside. It’s funny… I had a rather sarcastic comment recently from someone who said I should review an umbrella with the implication that it doesn’t rain here in Las Vegas.

Well it does rain Las Vegas. It doesn’t rain as much in some areas but we do get our downfalls especially in monsoon season. So here it is, a few before Christmas, it’s about 45 degrees, and raining here in Las Vegas and I am reviewing an umbrella, surprisingly. One thing I will say is that it doesn’t fold down compactly like some of the small umbrellas you can fold down and put in your suitcase – doesn’t do that. It’s going to maintain is entire length but the key is when you fold it back up after going inside, the water will be trapped in the umbrella rather than drip off on the floor. That’s its main selling point. That’s why it’s called “better” because it’s supposedly better in the way it handles remaining moisture after you come inside. No moisture drips off because it’s all trapped inside there. In that respect, Better Brella does what it’s supposed to do.

Now let’s see how much water is in there. One thing about Better Brella is that you have to try to remember to empty it out after you use it because if you come inside from the rain and put the umbrella up and set it aside, if you open up inside later, the water is still going to spill on the floor. And the same thing for your car. If you go to your car after having been in the rain and you close it, and you go to place in there, that water is going to spill out you’re going to have to dump the water out before you place it in your car. So it’s going to take some getting used to as far as emptying the water out of the umbrella goes. I guess that worked.

I’m used to small umbrellas like this. The ones that are compact and go in a suitcase. Better Brella does not do that. As you can see it’s significantly larger. It’s like the regular size umbrellas that don’t fold into that compact of a state like this one. Some people prefer this design. If you do, Better Brella may not be for you. If you don’t mind the larger design, Better Brella does a pretty good job. Overall I think that Better Brella works about as advertised. It does work getting out of the car but as you can see, even when it’s locked it’s kind of open a little bit, so the commercial shows it real compact like that, but you kind of have to work with it to get out the door in such a small area as they show it.

Doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, it just means the commercial shows probably an idealized version of how it actually works. It does a pretty good job of keeping water from spilling inside after you come in from the rain, but you’ve got to remember to empty it out or it could spill out later. You may have seen the design of Better Brella because there’s several other competitors out there with the same essential design. They’ll be advertised as inverted umbrellas or reverse-open umbrellas. There’s quite a few of them out there. The competition is becoming fierce, so it might pay to shop around. There’s quite a few on Amazon that are around this price range.

I think that now that it’s available in stores for about twenty dollars, it’s not a bad buy. If you’ve used Better Brella, tell me what you think because you might have a different experience than I did. And if you liked this review I’d appreciate a subscribe so I can continue to bring you As Seen on TV product reviews in the future. Until next time this is James White from Freakin’ Reviews. Thank you. .

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