As Seen On TV Bathroom Gadgets Test and Review

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Not every as-seen-on-tv product is a waste of money but how do you really know unless you try them or better yet we try them for you today we’ll test several products that can be used in your bathroom and offer not only an honest review but DIY alternatives nobody enjoys cleaning toilets which is why the hurricane automatic toilet cleaner seems so enticing this product has a clever name and claims that you just pour the product in your tank weight and then flush so supposedly no scrubbing is required suspiciously it doesn’t say anywhere on the box our packaging what it’s made of other than stating that it’s chlorine free we have no idea onda testing we follow the directions by removing the tank lid pouring in the product and watching it foam up then we let it sit for 6 good hours or so and finished up by flushing the toilet the manufacturers claim their formula has powerful scrubbing bubbles that can clean from the inside out with hurricane strength although it seemed to remove some of the discoloration from the flapper and hardware it did very little to break down the sediment on the bottom of the tank or clean anything inside the toilet bowl itself in fact the slight ring inside the bowl still required scrubbing to remove because toilet and water conditions can vary quite a bit we’re not sure it’s well rounded enough to work as advertised at best it sanitizes and prevents mold and mildew in your toilet at worst it’s money down the drain leaving you to try something else that may be more effective we did find overwhelmingly negative reviews online that confirm that we’re definitely not alone in our opinions it had an average of 2 out of 5 stars which is a pretty bad so really you’re just better off using a standard toilet bowl cleaner or cheap dissolvable tablet clean you can also create this eco-friendly alternative that kills bacteria germs mold and even lime deposits which we’ve shown you in the past simply get a bottle of vinegar pour a quart in the tank and the rest in the bowl you can also stuff some vinegar soaked toilet paper to the inside rim of the toilet and let it sit for several minutes while you scrub the bowl with a toilet brush then just remove the toilet paper and scrub the inside of the rim with an old toothbrush before finally flushing boom you saved money with minimal effort and probably had vinegar already moving on you may have seen this scrub daddy on shark tank or QVC and along with its scrub mommy counterpart they can easily be in most hardware or grocery stores but let’s test them out for ourselves and see if the face is only smiling because it took your money the difference between the two sponges is that the scrub daddy is abrasive on both sides and the scrub mommy is two-sided with one of them having a softer sponge or your delicates the unique part about these sponges that they change texture depending on the water temperature in warm water they are soft and in cool water they firm up to give you even more scrubbing power these sponges can be used anywhere but let’s focus on the bathroom the first test was on hard water stains in a sink with just a little soap and some elbow grease scrub mommy got it out without much struggle it worked as advertised and really cleaned up the porcelain well next we tried it on some shower tile grout that was pretty dirty once again it cleaned up the grime but obviously won’t whiten the grout on its own after that we tried it on a dirty tub with hard water stains just a minute into scrubbing and it removed most of the stains the scrub daddy worked pretty well in the shower too but it didn’t quite removed all the mineral deposits that were in the toilet at least not on its own so these are pretty much great buys the scrub mommy’s well-rounded in the scrub daddy is ready for deeper cleaning they’re also effective without harsh chemicals and pretty much eliminate the need for a variety of scrubbers taking up space as an alternative we’re not really gonna make our own sponge because we don’t run that kind of facility but you can go with a mr.

Clean Magic Eraser or a scotch-brite scrub sponge we’ve used them both in a variety of videos and they’ve also passed our tests and typically cost less bull lake to everything we mentioned in the description all right now if you have a hard to tackle stain that a sponge just isn’t taken care of it might be time to add a little power to the equation today we’ll test out the $40 turbo scrub in the bathroom this products a cordless handheld power scrubber that comes with a wand and extension the head and three brushes for a variety of tasks it also comes with a power supply for recharging and of course an instruction manual but we don’t need that the head and the extension both attach like vacuum hoses and the brush attachments just snap into place there’s no consensus as to whether or not the extension wand is that useful it does provide extra reach and allows you to bend over less but it seems unstable and has more give because your hands can’t apply as much pressure while its extend it it comes down to a personal preference you can use this thing all around your house but it’s probably best to clean the brushes thoroughly between each job so you avoid cross-contamination as-seen-on-tv staged messes aren’t exactly an honest or accurate representation of a mess that the turbo scrub can clean so we’ll put it to the test with real-life dirt and grime that’s been accumulating just for this video this shower should be a great test it does a decent job of cleaning light to medium build ups but don’t expect it to solve all your heavy-duty problems by itself especially if you’ve avoided cleaning for an extended period of time we also tried it on some hard water spots in the sink and toilet remove the grime from the sink pretty well but only lighten the ring in the toilet the heavy-duty brush cleaned the filthy baseboards really well with very little effort overall well it works pretty good and does what it says when it comes to bathrooms you can use it for baseboards toilet shower sinks tile and grout it so much more it beats simply scrubbing with your hands and effectively adds torque to get the job done faster and easier if you’re considering the turbo scrub or its competitor the hurricane spin scrubber we definitely lean towards the turbo scrub you see it’s got all much longer lasting battery both have similar results and reviews though so hey go with what you want now if you liked the idea behind this but want to save some money oh and have a cordless drill at home here’s the DIY solution get yourself a small scrub brush preferably circular and break it down to its bristles and base get a threaded rod and place it right through the center of the brush tighten it on both sides with a hex nut until it’s snug and secure now place that apparatus directly into the drill chuck and secure it inside now it’s time to conquer those stubborn stains this will certainly work faster and more efficiently than good old-fashioned elbow grease while allowing you to get rid of stains you thought you never could if you have embarrassing hard water stains in your toilet that nothing seems to get rid of remember it’s not your fault the hard water wand to the rescue it’s a scratch free toilet bowl scrubber and it’s made from natural volcanic pumice that claims to scrub away tough stains while protecting your toilet from damage it claims to tackle tough calcium lime and rust buildup on showers tubs toilets and sinks okay let’s test that on the same toilet that the turbo scrub had difficulty removing hard water stains from the first thing we noticed is that the extended reach handle that’s supposed to prevent you from ever touching dirty water action prevents you from getting into the contour of the toilet bowl in order to really scrub hard your hands have to be inside the bowl so put on some gloves we’re going in after lots and lots of scrubbing you can see that it does remove tough stains pretty well and it can make your toilet look like new again we think it’s a great concept but it has design flaws for example the pumice stone wears down too quickly so don’t expect it to last long reviews average three point two out of five stars and seem to reflect those flaws accurately aside from the bulky shape of the stone the most common complaint is that the pumice stone often broke off the handle within the first couple uses there’s a ton of similar pumice cleaning products on the market for far less money and with much better ratings so look elsewhere first in all honesty this product is basically a stick with a pumice stone on it which is commonly used for removing calluses from feet the economical solution is to pick up a smaller one from the dollar store it’s more practical for those hard-to-reach spots even though you have to go through more they’ll still cost you less oh by the way the hard water one comes with this revolutionary hook that allows you to hang it in the shower for the next time your bathroom or feet need a good scrubbing that’s totally worth 10 bucks right right next up is LA’s totally awesome all-purpose cleaner now we don’t know if they’re referring to the city or if there’s just some guy named la well cut to the chase with this one we used it with many of the cleaning products we tested today without previously showing you it basically cleans everything washable contains no harmful chemicals and can be found at the dollar store yes the dollar store since it’s a concentrated liquid just follow the directions for whatever you’re cleaning and add the recommended amount of water simply spray on scrub and wipe off according to the good reviews it removes a multitude of stains grease paint hair dye drinks and even some inks you can safely use it in a carpet cleaning machine as well we tested it on a soiled carpet and it worked really great after just one application this really is an awesome cleaner and it’s super affordable but if you want to make your own solid all-purpose cleaner yourself instead of buying one grab some lemon and some vinegar vinegar is a cost-effective way to cut through grease disinfect almost anything in your house and also it smells pretty good right no no it doesn’t I’m sorry that’s why you add some lemon helps mask that vinegar stench you can either use lemon scraps or just slice a fresh lemon into the pint sized jar then top but off with some white vinegar it’ll work at this point but if you want raw cleaning power that smells fantastic then be patient and follow along put the lid on tightly and store it for a few weeks yes a few weeks just be sure to give it a shake every few days by week three your lemon vinegar is ready for serious cleaning fill an empty bottle just halfway with the liquid portion then top it off with warm water your new lemon scented all-purpose cleaner will wipe away dirt and grime and polish glass surfaces leaving behind a pleasant fragrance to boot so yes good things do come to those who wait so today we took a look at five products you may have seen when you’re struggling with insomnia and frantically clicking through the channels the fact of the matter is that if you’re clever enough you can make these things on your own in just a few minutes so before you pay that ridiculous $10 shipping and handling fee make sure you check back with householdhacker first there are tons of other as seen on tv products out there in fact probably far too many so let us know in the comments what you want to see put to the test if you enjoyed this here’s two other as-seen-on-tv videos that we already made so make sure to check them out before dropping your hard earned cash oh and hit subscribe for new videos every few days thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the late night infomercials

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