Aqua Dog Review: Water Bottle for Pets

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Aqua dog is not an underwater canine superhero. It’s actually a water bottle for dogs. But does it really work? That’s what we’re going to find out in this review of Aqua Dog. Alright so I measured out Aqua Dog. The bottle itself is 18 ounces and the bowl is 6 ounces. It doesn’t really spill that bad. I mean it’s not completely waterproof but I mean if you have it with you it’s not going to, if you tip it over a few drops will come out.

It’s not going to pour out but it won’t be completely waterproof. To use aqua dog all you do is fill it with water and squeeze. The nice thing is that once you let go it doesn’t suck the water back into the bottle. It stays there so if your dog’s done there’s some water left in there, you just dump it out. That keeps the water in the bottle clean which I think is a great design. This is a dog. This is an Aqua Dog. Alright I’m out taking Bailey for a little walk. She’s kind of excited right now. I’m gonna give her a good workout and then we’re going to try our Aqua Dog on her. Why are you scared of that? She’s actually scared of that trash dumpster back there. OK Bailey’s very tired now. Want some water? Here want some water? Good girl. See now we don’t want that to go back in the bottle, so we just dump it out. Bailey! Want some more? Well Bailey didn’t really drink that much on our walk so I’m going to play a little ball with her on the patio here and see how she does there.

Alright you want the ball? Is that what you want? Here. The ball? Go get it. Pretty sure this is going to wear her out. She’s already breathing heavy. This is probably better than the walk. Are you getting thirsty now? See now she’s getting thirsty. Let’s try it out. Some water? Very sloppy. But it works. Want some more? Here. She’s trying to eat that. What is that? Now you’re tired, aren’t you? Tired girl? Alright so I’m here at the park with my chihuahua who seems to be a little bit afraid of that landscaper over there but we’re going to get her worn out and try the Aqua Dog on her.

Well she wasn’t really very thirsty when we first got here so I just ran around a little bit and now maybe she’ll try it. Let’s see. Nope. I guess I gotta keep trying. It’s funny when I got home with my chihuahua, she went right to her water bowl, even though she refused the Aqua Dog the whole time, so it might take us some getting used to. so now i’m taking So now I’m taking Daisy out. Daisy’s 12 years old. You know what’s funny also is that after i got home with the chihuahua who didn’t drink out of the Aqua Dog, I offered it to my cat, and my cat actually liked it. So maybe it could be called Aqua Cat, too. I’m not going to walk Daisy too much. She’s kind of old. She’s 12 years old. I don’t wanna push it too much. We’re going to walk down the street a little bit and then she’ll probably be ready for a drink then. Want some water? Water? Here. Of course not. Why would she want water. Look, look. Daisy, look. Here, some water. I’ll put it right in front of you. Want some water? Want some water Daisy? Fresh water.

Doesn’t that look yummy? Look. Good girl you’re looking at it. Good girl. Good girl. You’re thinking about it. No you’re not thinking about it. Here I’ll put it right next to you. How about that? Some fresh water. OK do you want some fresh water? Well you don’t want any fresh water, huh? These dogs will not drink out of this. Alright, well the other two dogs don’t seem to be too thrilled about it but Bailey likes it so let’s try Bailey again. Bailey, you want some water? Want some water there? Good girl.

See you like it. Want a little bit more? Here. She’s wagging her tail. Bailey. You like that, huh? How about a little bit more. She likes it. This is kind of low, and to squeeze that out it took a little bit of a grip. I’m not sure people with a weak grip would be able to do that very well. Right Bailey? Oh she’s still thirsty. On my hand? Oh Bailey. So my other two dogs, after they took a walk, they went home and looked for their water bowl even though I’d offered them water with the Aqua dog, so it might take some dogs a little bit of getting used to drinking out of this because it’s maybe a little bit different for them.

Now with Bailey she didn’t care. She went right to it and with my cat, the cat went to it as well. So some pets are going to immediately take to it and some won’t. The only potential negative is that when it gets kind of low in water to squeeze it takes a lot of grip and not everybody will probably find that easy to do. I did wash it overnight before use in a dishwasher. It held up pretty well there so that’s not a problem. You want some more water? Oh you’re very sloppy. she Bailey really See Bailey really likes it. I’ll update this in a few I’ll update this in a few months and let you know how the Aqua Dog’s working for me, my three dogs, and my cat, and if my other two dogs took to it better than the first couple times I tried. Otherwise I think it works about as advertised. What do you think? So two of my pets took to it right away. Two of them are a little bit tentative.

It might take some pets a little bit of time to get used to it because it is different. Please subscribe for more As Seen on TV product reviews from me, James White, with Freakin’ Reviews. .

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