9 Simple Steps to Slim Your Face and Remove Wrinkles

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Most of us believe that there’s no natural cure for a double chin chubby cheeks and wrinkles well you’re in for a big surprise then, cuz face yoga can easily make your features flawless you just have to do these simple but highly effective exercises.

Improving your blood circulation before you even begin your face yoga you have to get the blood going it’s like a little warm-up for your face so before you start the exercises please the pulse of your hands on your temples and close your eyes now stretch the skin of your forehead to the sides just slightly and stick your tongue out as far as you can stay in this position inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth for a couple of seconds and let go continue to do so for about 30 seconds and your face is ready for the ultimate transformation sculpting your jaw line why who’s makeup to contour a perfect jaw line when you can easily sculpt one it only takes one simple exercise that should be repeated every single day first off you should place the palms of your hand on both sides of your chin just along your jaw line then slightly push your chin upward creating resistance in your neck muscles and don’t forget to keep your head straight hold this position for a couple of seconds and release doing this at least 10 to 15 times a day will make your jaw line way more defined just try and see tightening your chin having a gorgeous jawline is impossible without a tight chin so here’s another face yoga exercise you should definitely check out place your index and middle fingers on your cheek right next to your notes slightly open your mouth and curl your lower lip inward toward your teeth from this position try to smile as wide as you possibly can keeping your lower lip in place you can also make the exercise expert challenging and curl your lower lip inward more the stretch in your chin be careful though and drop the exercise immediately at any sign of pain strengthening your cheeks now let’s move right along to your cheeks to make them look good and get more defined cheekbones you have to work on your face muscles and this next exercise can take care of it start with placing the index middle and ring fingers of your right hand on your mouth and the palm of your left hand on your left cheek from here take a deep breath through your nose and try to puff air into your cheeks all while keeping your mouth closed and pressing on your left cheek hold it for two to three seconds and let go this is a complex exercise so make sure to do it about 10 times for each side of your face keep it gentle and stop the exercise right away if you feel any pain or discomfort relaxing your eye muscles now if your cheeks need strengthening to look awesome your eyes just need some time to relax you can also use this exercise to get rid of dark circles and make your eyes look fresh after a sleepless night so place your fingers above and below your eyes making a v-shape your eye should be between your middle and ring fingers with your index and middle fingers on your eyebrows and your ring in little fingers right below your eyes from here gently stretch the skin around your eyes up and down with your fingers freeze for a sec and return back to the starting position repeat the exercise like this for no more than 30 seconds and you’re all set sharpening your nose a nose job is one of the most popular surgeries all around the world but in reality you don’t really have to go under the knife to improve the shape of your nose instead do this exercise make loose fists with your hands and place them above your upper lip your index finger should be right below your nostrils start to gently stretch the skin under your nose down hold it for a moment and dip back to the initial position as always do the same thing for 30 seconds straight to finish the exercise of course he won’t seem mind-blowing results right away but a tiny bit of patience and you’ll notice your nose transforming removing wrinkles around your mouth wrinkles around the mouth aren’t that easy to get rid of these suckers know how to stand their ground the only thing that can change your look is cosmetic procedures or this face yoga exercise if you want to try it out place the palms of your hands on your cheeks with your fingers pointing behind you open your mouth and put the tip of your tongue on your palate then carefully stretch the skin around your nose at the side all while pushing your tongue to warn your palate I know this is not a good look but you should do it for about 30 seconds I promise the results are worth it reducing your forehead wrinkles while we’re on the topic of wrinkles you shouldn’t forget about the ones on your forehead we all have them but thankfully the aren’t that hard to get rid of either all you have to do is place the palms of your hands on your temples and gently push your hands toward your scalp line if you do everything correctly and feel a stretch in your forehead and a little bit under your eyes repeat this for 20 to 30 seconds tops and enjoy your brand-new youthful look preventing sagging eyelids face yoga is good not only at dealing with your insecurities but also at preventing them from appearing now I don’t know what’s on the top of your list but mine is certainly sagging eyelids and this exercise really helps me out place the tips of your index middle and ring fingers on your eyebrows and close your eyes push your eyebrows up till you feel a gentle stretch in the area above your eyelids and and go back to the initial position continue doing the same thing for around 30 seconds and the face yoga routine is complete now before you try the whole routine out there are a couple more things you need to know the best time for face yoga is the morning hours right after you wake up this tones your muscles and reduces puffiness from the night before so wash your face as always apply your moisturizer and go on with your face exercises don’t forget that your skin should be treated gently if you perform the exercises too harshly you can get bruises so no additional force and finally patience this face yoga can work wonders but it’s completely natural which means that it won’t be quick your job is to do it regularly and thoroughly and your face will follow do you know any other simple effective facial exercises sound off in the comments below don’t forget to give this video a like and share it with your friends and here are some more cool videos to check out from the bright side of life

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