8 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test

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What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to my laboratory, where safety is the number one priority. And today we’re going to put to the test “hot dog gadgets”. Let’s check this out. For the first hot dog gadget we got here: “Slotdog”. So let’s open it up, looks like there is a bunch of slots, so you slot a hot dog. Slotdog. I see why they call it a Slotdog. Look how many slots up there. So time to put this gadget to the test. Squish it. Look at this. Then we’re gonna open it, and boom. Wow! Look at this! So awesome! Let’s turn it over and squish it here. Boom. Uhh, maybe one time on one side is the best way. Squish it, open it, and boom. There’s a bunch of slots right there. And why do we wanna do this? So the ketchup, mayonnaise, whatever you like on your hot dog can go between of the hot dog, and it will taste much better. Okay. Let’s throw it on the grill, and see what it looks like. Okay. Time to check on the hot dogs.

Look at this. This is all opened up, and it’s cooking from the inside. This is awesome! Look at this! Beautiful! OOHH! Time to take them off. So, now you see why this hot dog is awesome. Look at this. The inside of the meat is opened up. So when we put a little bit of onions, The onions can go inside of the hot dog. How cool is that? Also, if you like relish, the relish can go inside of the hot dog. Especially ketchup can go inside of a hot dog. Now all the ketchup, mayonnaise, relish, onions can go right inside of the hot dog so you can stuff it in. Awesome, huh? For this hot dog gadget, we got a “hot dog stuffer”. As you can see from the title of it. Pretty cool. So what it is, there is a little blade here on the bottom, and you push your hot dog through like this.

So let’s test this out. Put a hot dog in this way. And then this side, I’m just gonna push it through. So I’m just going to push through the hot dog. Ahhh! Nice. Kinda warped. Pull it out all the way. Now we can take off. I guess I’ll unroll the hot dog like this, and stuff it with different stuff. Okay. We’re going to take off the hot dog off the grill, you see. Now lets start to stuff up this hot dog. Yep. It’s unfolded pretty good. So, now I’m going to put a little bit of relish in this hot dog. Yeah, I got to stuff my hot dog.

Heck yeah! Wow! This is the best idea. Whoa! I didn’t think this gadget is good at all. But wow! Look at this! Instead of stuffing my hot dog bun, I’m stuffing my sausage. This is awesome! Thumbs up for me! I can’t wait to try this. Put a little bit of ketchup in there. Boom. Nice. Look at that. Now a little bit of mayonnaise. Look at this. A stuffed hot dog. Now, of course I have to try. I never had a stuffed hot dog before.

Let’s try it out. Mmmm! For this hot dog gadget, this is a “hot dog holder”. So what it does, you open up the hot dog holder. Let’s say you only cook 2 hot dogs out from here. And you’re not going to throw it back in the refrigerator. Look how much stuff, juice, leaking out, and it’s going to be all over your refrigerator. So, let’s take the rest of the hot dogs into this hot dog holder. Just like this. Look at this perfect fit. Wow! And then the rest of the hot dogs, put them in on this side. Boom. Now I’m just going to close it, and boom. Done. Look how awesome it looks. So the hot dogs will last a lot longer than in an open bag. And also, the juice is not going to come out and won’t stink up your refrigerator. Hot dog holder. Thumbs up for me! For this hot dog gadget, I got a “hot dog griller”. So with this, open this up. Open it up all the way. And then, we’re going to stick the hot dogs in. From my new hot dog holder. And close it. Let’s see if it will actually hold the hot dogs.

Boom. Nice! Oh. Fallen out a little. So I’ll be careful when flipping them over. Alright. Let’s put them on the grill, and see what it does. Now that the hot dogs expanded a little bit, you can see that none of them have fallen off. So I’d say it looks pretty good. Thumbs up for me! Once you’re ready to take it out, all you have to do is Open this up, and let them out. Simple. Want to cook some more? Load it up. Put it in. Close it. And throw it on the grill once again. But this part might be hot, so be careful. Use the cooking gloves. This gadget that I got here is a “hot dog toaster”. Let’s open it up, and see what it looks like. Look! It even comes with the little tongs. Okay. That sticker just says, “In the first use it might smoke because it has a heating element.” But do you what I hate about these stickers? It’s almost impossible to take them off. You see? Now I have this ugly sticker stuck to my toaster.

Oh well. So, I’m going to put the hot dogs into these two holes. Look at Huger. He wants to help eat the hot dogs. And put a second hot dog right in there. Then the hot dog buns. We’re just going to put them inside in here. One. And the second hot dog bun is going to go inside of here. And then we’re going to… Oh, this hot dog’s… And then we’re going to start it. Of course, don’t forget to plug it in. Okay. Let’s start it, and it should pop out by itself. How cool is that? Look at this! You got the hot dog holes for two hot dogs and hot dog buns. Nice! You guys are like, “Woah!” Wow. Awesome! OH! Hot! Look at this. Ready-to-go hot dogs from a hot dog toaster.

I love this! I don’t have use or heat up a grill and clean a grill. All I just need is a hot dog toaster. Two hot dogs in less than five minutes. Thumbs up for me! For this gadget, we got a “hot dog maker”. Looks like it’s a hot dog steamer. I’m going to add some water in the first level over here. Then we’re going to put this cover back in. It can cook up to six hot dogs. At least that’s what they advertised. I’m only going to cook two hot dogs. Let’s close it back in and turn it on and see what happens. And then with the hot dog buns, you can warm them up over here. Pretty cool! Okay. It looks like it’s done. I’m going to turn it off to zero. OH! It’s steaming a lot. So this looks like a hot dog steamer. Yeah. This feels warm to the touch.

It’s actually hot. So yeah. They heat up the buns pretty good. So I’m going to take out the hot dog. Oh! It’s really hot. Awesome! Look at this. Easy steamed hot dogs. You don’t even have to boil them. They’re steaming. Thumbs up for me! And for the last hot dog gadget, this gadget is called “Curl-A-Dog” So what we’re going to do is open it, put it in, and smash it.

And then we’re going to open it, and boom. Look at it. It sliced up the hot dog. We’re going to take it out carefully. Boom. Now look at this. Now we’re going to grill it, and we can actually stuff it in with ketchup in the middle of this hot dog. And we can stuff it with ketchup or whatever you’d like right in-between of those holes. And then on top of it, you can just add ketchup. This one is for the smaller hot dog. But let’s try it out anyways. Boom. Look at this. It’s curled from both sides. This is why they call it “Curl-A-Dog” because do you see? This is what it looks like when it’s cooked. It curls. Pretty awesome. If I take down a little bit of voltage… There we go. It doesn’t hurt. .

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